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  1. I've been suffering with acne for about three years. I'm 19 now. I've tried just about everything, from over the counter products to natural remedies to prescription stuff, with no luck at all. I think at this point I just need to ride out the storm and wait until it just goes away naturally. How many of you (that are about my age) just had your acne go away eventually? How long did you have acne for (i mean bad acne...not just the occasional pimple)?
  2. I heard that you have to use the Head & Shoulders For Men in order to see results. Is this true? I just have the regular old Head & Shoulders, will that work?
  3. I agree. I used topical antibiotics for about a year with no results. I took the oral stuff too, and helped very little. I can't find anything that works.
  4. I heard about how well the honey mask works, so last week I bought some raw honey online. I've been using it for a week and I haven't really seen much improvement. I've heard many others say how it's amazing, but I just havn't seen those kind of results. Should I be keeping it on all night long, or is it better just to leave it on for an hour at night and then wash it off with cold water before I go to bed? Also, should I still put anything on my face after using the mask, such as BP? Thank