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  1. i would also like to know. when i think about it, it would make sense that its very good for you, because the heat would help open your pores and sweating cleans it all out.
  2. Tennis! But anyway, tennis wont give you acne.. sweating might. Make sure you wash after exercise.
  3. Uhh, what? I smoked some on friday and there was no change in my face at all. I think its a coincidence. Weed has never affected my acne at least...
  4. I came from using the tubes to pump bottles recently, and 2 pumps from the bottle seems like so much more than a finger's worth of BP from a tube. Has the amount of BP per application increased or are they the same?
  5. What about using BP in the morning and SA at night as a regimen?
  6. The regimen they refer to is the one this site is based on : D. go to acne.org front page
  7. I dont think this is an issue for most people
  8. Ahh, forgot about this thread. Thanks for all the replies. That answered my question. I'm using Dan's Cleanser and BP and Cetaphil Moisturizer, btw. I dont use any SPF, how does that help anyway?
  9. Pros: Gets rid of inflamed acne. Worked brilliantly for me. Effective in this regard. Cons: Doesnt get rid of non-inflamed acne, i still have tiny bumps and clogged pores, but no big zits or red spots at least. Some people say their face gets red and irritated, but for people with tougher skin, its not really an issue. I dont even use moisturizer and my skin is fine. Its just another regimen, works for some people, for others it doesnt. It worked for me, felt amazing to hear "wow, your face i
  10. There is no evidence to prove that masturbation is related to acne. I don't believe it, but you could try not masturbating for a few weeks i guess and see if that helps. Most people here will tell you it doesn't make any difference.
  11. Yes its true, people who had acne do not have as many wrinkles when they are older