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  1. Well the acne is back but not the red marks. What happened is that I had a creme called "Aderma Dermalibour" which I have to say is unbelievably life saving. It's from France, and basically I ran out and as soon as I stopped using it 2 days later the acne came back and it's starting to come out even more... and it's really depressing because when you achieve almost total clearness and it comes back in an instant after so much work... it's really sad. So I ordered more Aderma and hopefully it com
  2. Well, the doctor prescribed to me some kind of benzoyl peroxide cream with 5 something % and gave me some retin-a samples. After my past experience I have come to realize that benzoyl peroxide has a very bad reaction to my skin, it dries it out, make it peel, and only temporarily make my acne better if not worst... So I just used the retin-a, and it has made a huge difference in my skin. At first, my skin peeled, and was really red and itchy. As it peeled, I basically scratched out the dead skin
  3. I don't have a favorite product since nothing has cleared me up yet
  4. so which one did you buy? because there are many different products from Aqua Glycolic...
  5. I'm not satisfied so far... I think it's not the products that actually affect my acne, but more because I don't sleep on my back. I tried both sleeping on my head and on my back and I can tell you that when I sleep on my head and wake up, I have new pimples forming or the current ones are even worst but when I sleep on my back it seems to be a bit better... I've been using the products for 2 weeks and no changes =/
  6. 10% seems to not dry up your skin only when it's in a wash form, but when you actually have to leave it on then it will completely messes up your skin and irritates it. at least thats what happens to me...
  7. you're right... it seems that sleeping on my face does causes me to have breakouts, but seriously it is too hard to keep sleeping on my back... it's just so uncomfortable. especially when you're sitting there for an hour trying to sleep and then you just give up and fall asleep 2 minutes afterwards... =/
  8. I've been doing that before even reading this thread because I believe that there might be some bacterias on my towel therefore instead of pat drying with the towel i just use the blow dryer... which seem to work pretty good actually.
  9. hey guys, so yeah i've heard about the red light system, etc... and I'm wondering something because i have 3 red lights in my bathroom and wonder what is the use for it? it seems that it is to heat up the room for when taking a shower... but do you guys think this can be used as a healing process to acne? maybe if i stand there for 15-20 minutes? maybe longer? what do you guys think..?