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  1. I am sure a dermatologist or someone can develop a sure fire way to get rid of them at first notice... Instead they make 10000 products that semi work and make us buy them all instead of giving us an actual solution.
  2. What exactly does the ice do? Is it a short term thing... like make the swelling go down for a while... or does it actually help fight that bastard zit?
  3. Yeah, I really hope it goes away with no notice... What is SA, where can I get it from... I have just been putting on a loooooooooot of BP, trying to dry that son of a bitch up...
  4. I have just noticed a rather large pimple developing on my right cheek, I think the worst spot to get zits is on the cheek where the skin is ultra sensitive. I need help really quick, I was wondering what you all do to get rid of them the quickest? With some experimenting I managed to get rid of a cyst like crater from forming in a few days... that was over a year ago, and this one is ready to get huge. Help needed really bad...
  5. I thought my face was feeling clear, then two new ones came in. Is there a way to stop zits before they develop? anyway to do this, if anyone could respond soon it would be appreciated.
  6. How can I make the after marks of the zits leave within 3 days, I have family photos, and my face is already covered in red spots, but I think I can get these at an early stage... any suggestions?