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  1. Hi, I didn't take the "minocycline hydrochloride tablets" med. I applied castor oil for few days, didn't help in the redness to go. Hence i consulted 1 more doctor he has given me the below things, post which The redness have come down. The entire treatment is for 40 days. Only 10 days treatment taken till now. 1) isotretinoin capsules ip 20 mg 2) Clindasil A gel Is the tablets safe to take after 3 months of laser treatment? Please let me know.
  2. Will the tablets work which the doctor has given for rosacea?
  3. I met a doctor he told u have got rosacea beacuse of CO2 laser and he has given minocycline hydrochloride tablets + sunscreen. I hope this might help.
  4. Attaching some more pics. Scars are very red in sun. I hope this is normal and will come back to normal colour in some time. What are these tiny red things? These were not present before.
  5. Also wanted to know if the scars will improve going forward or only the redness will improve. I have heard that MRF takes around 8 months to show up results and CO2 takes around 6 months.
  6. All scars look red in sun. Doctor said the redness is due to neovascularrization. How long will it take to come back to normal skin colour?
  7. Hi guys, I have done 4 MRF treatment and 1 CO2 laser treatment. But i cant see any noticeable results also in some lightning i think it look more worse than before. 1st Mrf treatment: Aug 2017 2nd MRF Treatment: Nov 2017 3rd MRF Treatment: Jan 2018 4th MRF treatment: April 2018 5th Fraxel CO2 treatment: 13th May 2018 Left most picture is the pre picture taken in a room with no sunlight Top right is the pic after 3 MRF treatmemt taken in room with direct sunlight on face Bo