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  1. amykaylit

    katie's progress

    GREAT progress!!! What kind of tea tree oil do you use? How much? Do you mix it with any carrier oil? Looking great!
  2. It is no completely covering my face and neck and scalp and chest and is starting to take over my stomach, back etc...uhhggg... Well, by the time I get my mild acne prone skin back I will be extreamly happy. This will make me appreciate the skin I have!!!
  3. SOOO... I just got over a really bad break out and it left red marks all over my blasted face... and then the other day I started to get these really weird bumps on my scalp and what I thought was a really weird zit fill with oil gunk on my face. I woke up this morning covered with these odd bumps... a few on my face, some on my neck, back, stomach, scalp. Sooo...and now I'm starting to itch really bad. I never had chicken pox as a child. I had a test once to see if I was immune and I'm not.
  4. What about murad? Has anyone tried that?
  5. There an acne care line called exposed skin care http://www.exposedskincare.com/ Has anyone really heard of this or known someone who tried it? It looks kinda cool. I'm just wondering about it. Thanks!
  6. Alright, since most of this thread has taken a new direction that what I had orignially thought it would...hehe... I have been cutting out most sugar and I'm still eating whole wheat, not sure if I should, some people say one way, some say the other... I dunno... Well, whatever is wrong with me is getting better. Yeast infection is gone, Skin is looking quite a bit better... I ate a bowl of ice cream a few days ago...strangest thing happened... I got REALLY sick, I didn't throw up but I felt l
  7. People generally have die off symptoms after taking a suplement to kill the candida, not just because they stopped eating carbs. I'm on the candida program for more than just my acne (which is rather mild) I've been on sooo much antibotics in my life because of acne, strep throat and other illnesses. NOw I have a constant yeast infection... I know that can't be good.
  8. It's not grape seed oil. It's a bunch of other stuff...Cellulas, hemicellulas, amylase, invertase, malt diastase, clucoamylase. it's called Candex and it's by pureessence labs. It this doesn't work i'll go on grapseed extract. She said this was good and that one of her coworkers swears by it. It's also supposed to prevent you from having a die off... maybe I was had but i only bought a 10 day supply and if it doens't work, i'll go on the grapseek extract. but I was looking for something to
  9. I was at the health food store today. I bought some stuff that is supposed to help kill the walls of the candida or something. the lady there also said to make sure that i was having a regular bm because if you don't, even if you kill the candida you are not getting rid of it from your system and it will just come back. I thought this info could be of help to people... I dunno... I think that there is a definate improvement the last few days for myself... although, i'm still not sure what I c
  10. I personally have problems if i overeat fruits... but I've heard that you are supposed to eat fruit on an empty stomach because if you eat it with highprotein food the sugar will stay in your digestive system and cause more problems than if you just eat it without fat... i don't know how true that is. Right now I am avoiding ALL sugar... <sigh>
  11. The reason I ask. I've been on 8billion probiotics, oil of oragano and I just started on the Pau D'arco. I had a horrible break out this weekend. Of course, it might have something to do with NOT cutting out sugar and the like (bread, yeastie things etc). I also might have eaten something I am allergic to a few days back... yesterday I started again and I haven't eaten anything other than meat and veggies. could you reccomend a good website for idea of what you can and cannot eat.
  12. how is one supposed to remove makeup? I know that one reason my face breaks out is from washing... i'll get little pimples if I don't wash then when i do...boom...break out... but the problem is... you can't remove makeup with just water.
  13. I don't but I would like to find a good vit. with out iodine and b-12!
  14. Is it normal to get an initial break out?