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  1. How is it working for you? I just found this through a CNN link, but it's sponsored by Therative, the company that makes Thermaclear, so it's biased to say the least. http://www.aralifestyle.com/article.aspx?U...Fight-Blemishes
  2. Thanks! I saw this the first time it was posted but couldn't find it again.
  3. I never exercised when I first started getting acne. But I've been exercising a lot lately and I think it's helping.
  4. If it was the Cetaphil bar cleanser you used before, I'd recommend trying the liquid one. I've heard some people's skin reacts differently to each of them (I think I read it on this forum actually).
  5. Not sure, but I'm not giving up candy without a fight.
  6. I did my first aspirin mask tonight! 6 aspirin tablets first diluted with just enough drops of water to disintegrate them, then mixed in some honey and Cetaphil.
  7. I only go with vinegear and pepper (hold the oil and salt) whenever I eat there.
  8. What was your formula for the mask? I searched for aspirin/honey mask combinations and found this one: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...p;hl=honey+mask Wondering if it would be better to do an aspirin and honey mask separately, or together? I'm so excited!
  9. I used to be like that except with my whole body - I would shower several times a day and my skin got horribly dry. I think I just outgrew it though. I guess anything touching your face is just skin irritation, so yeah, that's not good for your acne.
  10. I've noticed people brush their teeth in so many different ways. I'm like you, but my cousins brush like they're in the military - they're very focused, and always spitting out excess foam as it builds up in their mouth. I'm pretty sure no toothpaste is escaping their lips, so I recommend you just try changing your brushing technique
  11. I don't think so, at least it's never happened to me.
  12. Washing with H&S didn't work for me. I never tried leaving it on afterwards. It would suck if it only works when you let it flake off like that!
  13. I have something like this, except they're bigger than sand granules, but definitely oil. Sweat seems to really reduce this for me (I exercise every day). Also, my hair is really oily and prone to dandruff.
  14. What medication have you tried so far? I think Oxy pads were the first thing I tried when I started breaking out in junior high, it didn't work for me.
  15. You'll do great! If you were hiring someone, would their acne be a reason to not hire them? The only thing it'll affect is your confidence, but fortunately that's in your control.
  16. I am so trying this this weekend.
  17. My brother was using that a while ago. Not sure how well it worked out for him (I just saw it lying around), but I don't think he's using it anymore.
  18. I did, but exercising seemed to make it go away (if you can get yourself to sweat a lot).
  19. I tried washing once a day (also at night) but my skin got so oily and I broke out so much that I had to switch back to twice-a-day after about two days
  20. I used to have warts on my hands all the time when I was younger (it was gross). Doctor froze them off every time. I think I just outgrew them by high school.