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  1. My skin has been crying out for help from all of my acne treatments and my current moisturizer hasn't been cutting it, even though it's been one of the few that doesn't seem to exacerbate my acne. Currently cutting back on them now and am on the lookout for a moisturizer to help me out with barrier repair, specifically those with ceramides. Anyone have a good rec? Open to some good toner options as well. For those who are about to recommend CeraVe in a tub, it unfortunately caused me horri
  2. I would put the brakes on any more extreme operations or peels. You'll only be introducing more trauma to your skin and risk further scarring. I know it's hard to deal with this, I'm dealing with some severe post inflammatory erythema myself at the moment. But the best thing you can do is to not interfere with your skin's natural healing processes. As far as raised scars, I've had great success with silicone sheets/scar gel in the past. It can take a month or two, but with daily use it should st
  3. Itchiness is definitely an indicator of folliculitis. Are they just around your facial hair area?