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  1. Genetics is rarely as cut and dry as you seem to think. Many traits are the result of many genes acting in concert with each contributing only a little bit. Things like height and intelligence along with acne are all prominent examples of these polygenic traits. The truth is that with so many genes contributing to such things it is hard to identify which genes are actually contributing. Things like eye color (controlled by four genes) are much easier to predict and identify. But acne is c
  2. I didn't really experience flakiness in the beginning, but I do remember the sides of my face (close to my sideburns) were quite itchy for 2-3 weeks but it subsided. When i started the AHA I did not get flaky skin either.
  3. Hey all, I wanted to share some of my experiences with the regimen. I'm a 24 year old male and although I never had bad acne (I would say mild to moderate, with some annoying cyst pimples caused by blade shaving) I finally have skin that I am happy with to the point where I don't avoid the mirror anymore. About 3 months ago (after following the standard regimen very closely) I spent $100 on a Panasonic Wet/Dry electric shaver and will never go back to blade shaving. Blade shaving, while givi
  4. Just listen to your body. If it feels like too much, take less. I just wanted to say that I've completely stopped using BP. I stopped using it for two weeks as a trial. All i'm doing is washing my face twice a day with Dan's cleanser and taking the ACV and it's working wonderfully!
  5. Sorry i have been away for a bit. Here are some answers to questions i saw posted: I use Bragg's organic ACV. I usually buy two 32-oz bottles at a pop and they last me a month or so I mix 2 TBSP of it with orange juice/fruit juice twice a day (morning after breakfast, night after dinner). I'm not worried about it eating my tooth enamel. It is less acidic than soda, and I always brush my teeth immediately after drinking it. About the ACV Capsules -- I'd be weary of those. Those fall under
  6. It started working very fast. Within probably 3-4 days. I thought it was probably just a fluke at first but it has continued to work as effectively as it did at the start for the last 2 months as long as I don't miss the doses.
  7. I just wanted to give some input on ACV. I have been taking ACV (2 tablespoons in fruit juice) every morning and night for the past two months. It has dramatically cleared my acne. I had been using DKR for about 3 months prior to introducing ACV into my regimen. On DKR, my face was dry and itchy a lot and I still got the usual 1-2 new deep, hard, squeezable cysts every week. But since I started using ACV regularly, i haven't had one cyst. There have been times when I missed two doses in a
  8. What is with you crazy kids and your protein shakes? You realize most of that protein isn't being used in any beneficial way right? And also that there's no guarantee what's on the label of the container is actually inside of it (no agency regulates supplements such as these)? Just eat protein rich foods...chicken, salmon etc.
  9. Isn't it true that the FDA (or any other agency) doesn't regulate supplements? ie, there is absolutely nobody between you and the manufacturer making sure that what they print on the label is actually what's in the bottle. I know this is true of work-out supplements (all sorts of protein shakes and stuff).
  10. You're taking steroids and you're worried about your acne? If you're worried about little bumps on your face it proves you have absolutely no idea what the side effects of steroids or are you just don't appreciate their gravity. Just eat a lot of chicken and salmon...don't take the easy way out.
  11. I have been ingesting ACV orally (mixed about 5:1 with 100% fruit juice). I then decided to try it on my face as a toner, but even at a 3:1 ratio of water to ACV, it was too strong and dried my face badly. It works well when I drink it though. If i miss one helping I get a big old pimple the next day guaranteed.
  12. Too much vitamin c gives you kidney stones...i'd rather have a pimple.
  13. Which Ivory soap is it? I see there are many types of them (http://www.ivory.com/YourIvoryProducts_IvoryBarSoap.htm).
  14. Have you tried ACV? http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=156316 I'm not trying to peddle this as a miracle product, but I noticed it is not on your list of things you've tried and it seems to have worked for others on the boards here (myself included, although have only been using it for less than a week).
  15. Apparently the "Mother" is a key ingredient, found in the unpasteurized and unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegars. They are little blobs of translucent goodness that contain a lot of the health-benefitting ingredients responsible for the reputation of ACV as an all purpose healer. Personally, I started doing this 5 days ago (taking ACV). I picked up a organic, unfiltered, unpasteurized ACV from my local grocery store (the brand is Spectrum). I am 23, have mild to moderate acne (maybe 1-3 new cyst