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  1. Seems like the standard thing they prescribe, antibiotics and a topical retinoid. Depending on where you are you could try blue/red led treatment. It really depends on how much subsidy you get from the government. Only cost me around $50 per session for the blue/red light treatments but it may cost more in America. Also I don't know if 6 weeks is really enough time to see the full effects of using something like that. Took me a good 2-3 months to see results with Minocycline and Differen. In fa
  2. According to someone I heard from drinking alcohol and taking antibiotics could cause liver damage. It'd be ok if it was the light drink here and there but if you are a binge drinker I'd suggest trying to quit it. It'll help your acne and your wallet.
  3. Cetaphil has worked good for me. I was on Mino to start with 50mg per meal, moved to Doxy, teeth staining maybe so I moved back to Mino 50mg and it's been good. I got told to use Differen. Took a couple of months for my face to settle down from using BP, AHA, BHA, etc. I now also use a aloe vera moisturizer and I'm clear of acne. Gentleness really does help, if you have sensitive skin, any form of irritation will lead to acne I find, even shaving, that's where aloe vera helps, it'll stop the ir
  4. I'm going to have to agree with most of what you have written. I've used BP, BHA, AHA, several oils and most of them have not worked that great. The best was BP but that made my skin oily and look pretty terrible. At the moment I am cleansing with a gentle cleanser and moisturizing my skin most nights with Aloe Vera. I'm also using differen as a spot treatment as it keeps the redness under controll. The differin basically got rid of most of it, after I started mostiurizing my skin, my acne has p
  5. Did you actually get rid of your acne? If not why not see a Derm? It takes like 30 minutes and if your skin it that bad it's not like it can make it worse.
  6. Only time someone has ever commented and I've heard it was at school and somehow thought that my acne was caused by a lack of washing. I told them they were retarted and ignored them, never really got any comments after that. I found that ignoring most of the bullies/douchebags didn't give them the thrill they were looking for and eventually just accepted that I wasn't a great target to pick on. Bullies are easy to deal with if you know what to do. That said family would be harder to deal with
  7. See a derm, See a derm, See a derm, See a derm, See a derm, See a derm, See a derm, See a derm, I cannot repeat this much more, just do it, if you get a good one they'll generally know what to do and get your on the right track. I left it too long and it got Cystic and I do have some scarring from it.
  8. Sounds like it's not working, if your Derm doesn't see that then he/she is an idiot. I think Doxy is the strongest, I'm not sure. I have had Light Treatments and they only cost around $60 each and they worked real well. Not sure if they have something similar in America, I think it's your basic blue/red led light treatment.
  9. Differin worked great for me, I did use BP in the morning for a while but it seemed to make my skin red so I stopped. I was taking Mino and swapped to Doxy after some teeth staining(not related, drank too much tea) but it worked great for me. Also most mornings and nights I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser on my face. Shaving every day also helps to exfoliate your skin.
  10. I got teeth staining while on Mino but I was drinking Tea at the same time. I stopped drinking tea and my derm swapped me over to doxy. I still had the staining but I used Hydrogen Peroxide 3% as a mouth wash(dont gargle with it, just wash it around near your teeth) and after 2-4 weeks the stains were gone and my teeth were whiter. My teeth are looking great now. Make sure you brush with a fluriode based toothpaste as the Peroxide does wear away at the enamal on your teeth. Also I only use the P
  11. Apparently you should ween off it so take 1 per day for a while then 1 per second day then eventually stop, if you stop taking it completly most people say they break out.
  12. According to some people it does, but I was using BP at the time and I had minimal IB, as long as you dont miss taking it for more then like a day you should be fine. That's just what happened to me so other people might have broken out.
  13. What you normally do is boil water, put in multiple tea bags, let it steep(soak) for a while then put in some cold water and then refrigerate. It's really great because you can drink it whenever without having to heat up water and you can make it in bulk.
  14. Here's my two cents so far on Mandelic Acid, First time I used it after waking up I noticed that If I used my finger nail on my forehead, my fingernails would actually get black stuff in them, which is damn weird, I'm guessing it was probably blackheads surfacing. I did get a bit of IB from it but it seems to be dying down, also I did have small bumps on my forehead a while ago after using BP for ages and BHA got rid of them but also gave me cystic acne so yeah I'd rather have small bumps then
  15. I am currently drinking some generic green tea I bought online. I'm also on anti-biotics but the tea seems to be helping as well. I also got some Mulberry Leaf Green Tea in the mail today, it's sweeter the regular tea and tastes like flowers kinda, it's pretty nice and it's caffiene free so good for drinking at night.