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  1. Hi ABG Fairy, I had the acne problem from last 14 years. Just 2 weeks back i saw the Jack La Lene juicer ad and got highly motivated to get a juicer. Today i have completed exactly 14 days of juicing green vegetables and the effects are clearly visible, i had white / red / pink all kind of acnes and pimples.... its all 70% cleared!!! Am so happy about this.. that i would recommend every one to try this... Infact i have followed exactly the same thing what you have described in your firs
  2. oh no.. never had tat experience. it sounds kinda bad. hope you recover soon!
  3. reduce sugar intake and try any antifungal for 2-3 months. alternating betw diff anti-fungals every week or so. while doing so try custom probiotics. [very important] after 2-3 months on anti fungal. stop. and continue taking custom probiotics. after several more months, symptoms of candida should be more or less reduced significantly. dont eat too much starchy or carbohydrate rich junk food. try spirullina and chlorella to improve health too.
  4. do you use greens> or do you jst use celery. too much fruits isnt too good too. im sure its the greens that helps. esp spinach, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, bok choy and also. raw beats cooked greens
  5. hey people, i was wondering if all of you guys use organic greens for the green smoothie. [or at least labelled no pesticides and herbisides used] what i use are locally produced hydroponics greens that does not use pesticides and herbicides. but the variety of greens available is rather limiting. only 3 types of greens. are non-organic greens dangerous for raw consumption? anybody tried red \ purple cabbage for the green smoothie? i was thinking of using that but its not certified organic. a
  6. i feel that 2 large green smoothie a day works best for the skin [2 large handful]. one in the morning, one in the evening. expect at least 3 weeks of consistent usage of greens though. good luck =D im sure a juicer works jst fine. if im not wrong.. carrot and spinach are rich in beta-carotene. since its fat soluble vit, you might want to include some fats in the smoothie.
  7. some personal thought here.. severe acne is definitely something to do with the genetic inheritance. but i feel that it's because of the 'acne genes' that makes our body unable to function maximally, resulting in deficiencies etc, which ultimately caused skin breakouts. A diet rich in greens and fruits can actually help alleviate such deficiency thus helping to prevent symptoms of acne. as of permanent cure [stop the inheritance of the 'acne gene' down the family tree] a parent having a nutrit
  8. i love raw pecans, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. add them to my homemade yogurt. nothing taste better! i add walnuts to my green smoothie. im not sure if it breaks me out though, b'cause the green smoothie sorta keeps my skin at bay. with several stubborn ones which doesnt bother me much =D i take approx. 150g almonds, 100g pecans, 100g hazelnuts, 200g walnuts in a week's time. i would say thats pretty much.
  9. hi ariellestar, 2) custom probiotics (cp1 50Billion per capsule/ 6 strain powder 260Billion/gram) is according to them dairy free, hypoallergenic, and do not contain any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, sugar, gluten, soy or FOS. (All FOS contain free sugar). do check out their website and if you have any queries jst email harry, the founder of custom probiotics. (USD$40/cp1bottle/ USD$100/50gm OR $165/100gm) http://www.customprobiotics.com/ i personally felt a more significant redu
  10. oh and probiotics might be necessary too. in fact, with all the nutrients available under the sun, your body might not absorb them well enough without a good digestive system and these beneficial bacteria. so in order not to put these nutrients to waste, i think probiotic is equally important. i highly recommend those with high cfu's despite so many critics out there saying high cfu doesnt mean a thing, they claim its how well they survive that counts. nevertheless, most probiotic supplemts wi
  11. Hi, if you are looking to consuming a whole complete range of nutrients and vitamins both from food sources like green smoothie and supplements, i have some recommendations for supplements which might help you meet the budget of 100dollars. the multi vits i recommend are mostly made from 100% whole food and not synthetic vitamins. one down side about these multi is that you gtta take several tablets/capsules per serving to meet the daily rv. synthetic supplements tends to 'squeeze' all the
  12. oh and i think custom probiotics seems rather promising. http://customprobiotics.com/
  13. it is the allicin and probably its by-product which has the anti fungal properties. there is much controversy over whether allicin can continue to maintain its effect after passing through the stomach and the HCL. so there are many recommendations out there. 1) taking garlic supplements that are enteric coated to ensure transport of active allicin to intestines. 2) fresh ly grounded garlic (1 + clove a day) left in the open for 10mins or so before consumption for the enzyme to catalyse formatio
  14. the effects of the smoothie is as great as ever. i have turned it into my breakfast though. and im using whey protein powder (unflavored) for the main source of protein. =D i know you're not totally supporting that idea. but i use the sunflower seeds for my homemade yogurt =D i wonder if i should take that much sunflower seeds a day for that amount of protein.. im still insistent about not using too much sweet fruits in there because of the "candida issue" which i think you dont believe in too =
  15. i tried grapefruit and bok choy today... it tasted horrible =D