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  1. Ailla


    I had it done ny rapaport twice and he didn't neutralize it, but it was probably buffered. You just don't know what kind of acid your buying on Ebay.
  2. Can anyone prove fraxel works on scars? Does anyone have pictures to prove it?
  3. I had two sets of subcision and tca cross by rapaport and refused the Nlite. The Nlite is worthless and I suggest you just tell him you refuse nlite. I had very good results just from the tca and subcison like 60-70% improvement. Fraxel is not proven to do anything for scars yet.
  4. The way I figure it is if I have 100 scars and 50 of them are gone and at least some of the others have improved then I consider it 60%- 70% improvement.
  5. Hi, your scars are perfect for tca cross I wouldn't worry much about the forsting going outside the scar because that's what happened when Dr Rapaport did it to me. Thanks for sharing your photos...
  6. Vbeam works for blood vessels very well.
  7. Derms make a fortune and they don't get many calls in the middle of the night.
  8. Muiltiple cross tca treatemnts would help your box car and ice pic scars. http://www.cosmetic-medicine.jp/english/re...ikon/index.html
  9. There is nothing better than TCA cross for ice pic scars.
  10. You should get diagnosed from a dermatologist first. There are a lot of things those white bumps could be.
  11. http://shop.store.yahoo.com/physlabs/062965.html#
  12. Yeah Ailla, That was what I was told and what I have seen in my researching it before I had it done but I don't think it was the best thing for ME. Although I am showing some slight improvment, I am thinking maybe I should have got the IPL 1st. I went to a board certified cosmetic surgeons clinic to have it performed. I had/have very deep dark spots from acne scarring and (IMO) I wouldn't recommend it unless it was a LAST resort for our skin.