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    I'm an actor and model, thats why my skin is the most important thing to me and having clear beautiful skin is what keeps me in business. <br /><br />Tanning & Cosmetic Procedures<br />I love how technology and procedures are<br />in advance. <br /><br />Body Boarding & Hitting the gym.<br /><br />(im very image concious and self obsessed)
  1. im having the same problem bro! i F**KING HATE IT! cept i told her and she thinks im over exaggerating!
  2. ive been on accutane for 3 months now, first month i had the worst initial breakout and 2nd month i was completley clear but now the 3rd month has come the past 3 1/2 weeks ill be clear monday - thursday. then comes friday i breakout and look horrible over the weekend and come monday again im clear? is this a side effect from the tane or is it me stressing about going out and seeing my friends that causes breakouts? any experiences or help would be good
  3. ive been taking accutane for 4 months, well this would be almost the end of month 5 however ive been unable to get a refill prescription and don't pick up my next one untill next week. so basically i did 4 months without missing not one pill and now ive had 1 month without it. will it effect my treatment? i still have another 4 months remaining as calculated to my 1mg/pk of my total body weight. in the time ive been without tane my skin is unbelievable clear, i have 2 mini pimples! which is a
  4. Weight: 169.7 lbs ~ 77 kgs Dosage: 40mg a day (20mg: am, 20mg: pm) Sex: Male Side Effects: headaches when dehydrated, peeling feet, dry skin (face,neck,shoulders), some days dry lips (other days im fine), loss of concentration, very very moody (girlfriend hates it) loss of appetite, weight gain (due to trying to eat fatty foods for maximum absorption) nosebleeds in the shower (believe its from the steam) sexual interest currently down the drain cant keep/get it up. besides that im fine not
  5. ive heard this too, any info anyone would be good.
  6. i use Nivea for Men Sensitive Shaving Gel. i prefer GELS over FOAM, as foams dry out my skin and gels later up and stop moisture loss. it also contains ingredients i cant remember off the top of my head that aid in hydrating the skin and soothing irritated skin and to minimize inflammation caused by razor shaving
  7. okay, this is a little off topic, but its my personal experience. i know for a fact you cant export them out of the country. but for personal usage it should be fine. drugs are only usually confiscated if they show up to be on a band list of substances. like the illegal ones such as amphetamines and stuff like that that. they should be able to see when going through customs that you have declared it. and it isnt illegal and its for your personal use. however if you have millions of dollars w
  8. the Salicylic Acid may be too strong. i believe its 3% which is the highest of high allowed in a otc wash. it may just take time to getting use to atm i use 5% Salicylic Acid and 10% benzoyol peroxide. but when i started i was on 2.5% Salicylic Acid and 2.5% benzpyol peroxide
  9. use a fake tan i do use a lotion wich increases a gradual tanner like nivea, or johnson and johnsons holiday skin. it keeps u tanned without the need of uv light it just "dies" the skin. its not harmful and washes off eventualy so the need for re-applyment is nesseccary
  10. The multivitamins i take doesn't contain vitamin A, im almost 4 months into tane and have been taken them since day 1 and about 2 years before that its called "Multivitamin + fish Oil with Omega 3" by the Brand "Natures Way" it comes 100Capsules for $22.00AU dollars. i love the fish oil as it aids in joint pain, i really noticed the difference when i went on holidays for a week without them. also has a lot of essential goodies
  11. i went to a sauna last week an i went from sauna to the spa, to sauna to spa over and over for about 4-5 hours. my face is now so clear i love it. i think the sauna pushed out all of the junk in my pores, because my pores are smaller, and softer. however i did notice a MASSIVE increase in dryness! but 4-5 hours i know why lol. i did feel exhausted. but i think their pretty safe
  12. it just fixed it self, and i can see fine now. and am still taking accutane. just dont ever let your eyes over dry. and be kind to your body, heaps of water and all that other stuff your derm will tell you.
  13. i experienced blurred vision up untill month 3 ( im halfway through month 3 now) i had to stop wearing contacts for longer then 7 hours. and use refreshing moisture drops for dry sensitive eyes.
  14. i use a vitamin e and jojoba oil enriched spf moisturizer its amazing, you should search for a moisturizer containing vitamin e
  15. perhaps chlorine aggravates you acne? i have heard it is an irritant and strong, but we wouldn't have this problem if people didnt wee in swimming pools hahaha