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  1. Where did you have your dermal grafting done? By which dr.? I have pigmentation issues now after a dermabrasion and couldn't locate anyone SKILLED in d grafting. Please do share!! Thanks
  2. If micro silicone is good for those kind of scars, which I think it is? I would go to dr. lam. I go to him for many things, and if he can't help he will tell you honestly. But, if something is within his doing, wow, you will love it.
  3. Hello, I am considering going to do TCA, can you please tell me if the doctor that left a small hole from your TCA is Dr. Lam. That is who I am hoping to go to, I doubt he was your dr. but, just wanted to check. Also, how much does tca usually cost?
  4. Hey, Why don't you ask Dr. Lam these new questions you have. He does seem very knowldedgable and eager to "make a difference" even if it is only answering a question. I am scheduled to see him in May, and asked if I could originally get restylane to see if I liked the outcome and then later have silicone. He said, the same thing, that he would have to dissolve the resty first, since we don't know how far down it will go back to. That way the silicone is against our lowest level. Of c
  5. Hi, I personally like the mineral make up. I have tried bare escentuals, Loreal, & Mary Kay. My favorite actually is Loreal, because they offer a perfect match to my color. Although, I have problem skin, and I have been told that Loreal has talc in it, which it probably does and is contributing to my break outs?? Bare Escentuals is really good for your skin, it keeps mine from breaking out so much, I just cant handle having such wrong color!!!! I become orange easy. Okay, but your qu
  6. Hello, I am scheduled for aggressive dermabrasion on Jan. 28th. I am scared to death, reading about Dr Y, makes me want to run to N.Orleans. However being a mom of four, that is not possible. I am mainly here to try to find some before and after photos, I want to see MANY, but can't find a lot online? Any suggestions? Anyone had dermabrasion and not pleased?