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  1. Kids dont understand the problem. Its a common problem for kids hat just hit puberty or below who doesnt know the consequences of the psychological damage you can give to the victim/targetted person. That usually wears out when we grow older - My mates dont laugh about mine because they know how much it sucks to have it. One girl tried it and she got dealt with verbally, because it's kindergarten bullying to bring up spots. People cant 'control' this problem Anyway to your answer. Ive never exp
  2. BP kills the bacteria P.Acne which obviously derived from its name causes inflammation and acne. However you should combine with salysistic (fuk need a spellboard?!) acid which exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. Dead skin cells + sebum = devil's work aka. acne. when sebum gets trapped in the dead skin cells you get acne. And p.acne is all over our face - its just a bacteria like any others, but removing this bacteria you may reduce acne. Thats how Ive understood it
  3. Thats no way moderate. Thats as mild as it gets - I wish I had that instead of my moderate-severe case. Doing my f'ing head in. Your skin may not be fine to you, but looking at it I think its all good! Oh and last pic. Definitely not a cyst. A cyst would be digged deep into your skin making a red blemish with a huge speedbump growing up around the blemish. Thats most likely going to turn into a whitehead and disappear fairly quicker than a cyst
  4. I experienced same hormonal changes at your age. Just like any others, however, mine didnt stop like any others - mine just continued to spire into a deep black vortex. 21 now - 6 yrs of battle mate. Have you followed the regime of healthy dieting? That could give a helping hand. Hormonals changes/hormonal acne is something that is so hard to battle since it comes from the 'inside'! Your hormones are raging right now and thats why a healthy dieting would help the imbalance that is currently ong
  5. Just stick to the 0.8 gr per pound instead of the 'normal' 1.5 gr per pound. That way you get it covered. Ive gained the goals I set yeaaaars ago, but when youre gaining and you look at yourself you just want to become bigger. Thats how I felt and it felt good after each session! Im gonna go back to heavyass lifting the day Im spotfree after a night out, a trip to macD or w/e
  6. Just ordered 6 bottles of B5 with....300 in each of 500 mg! Time to get on the B5 no matter stomach pain diarrhea or w/e may try to interfere with my mission. Cant wait to start popping them
  7. Maybe add a dash of lemon juice to it when you drink it will help with the absorption?
  8. Have you tried to take Vit B5 of 1000-10000 mg ED? That is known to have significant effect on the battle against acne. Im going to try that out ones my order comes through!
  9. High protein diet has been linked with acne. As a former serious bodybuilder its tearing me apart...Ive decided to drop the sport for the sake of my skin and being "presentable" to other people when I go out. Unfortunately people have linked my body with my face (which has been out for a severe smackdown of acne) to the use of roids. Just they dont know going on roids usually doesnt affect it, but the starting up of your own system is the main cause for outbreaks - e.g. using clomid. Oh and ju
  10. Came across your link. Sounds a lot like chinese medicine related!
  11. Like I had my cystic acne on my temples. Whenever I squeezed my eyes I could feel it 'stretching' my skin. Whenever I mildly poked it it would be sore as hell. And they were big lumps - almost made my face look deform for a period - next to them were the smaller ones, so can you imagine how that shit spread? f**** bullshit. But yeh..if you have that 'symptom' described above then it is a cystic one...It is underneath your skin and it takes longer to 'come out' than the usual - sometimes it mi
  12. So happy to hear on your behalf. You know how the rest of us feel. We are in the same boat as you were in. Glad something helped you off the spots - Im still in the 6 yr battle-program and Im 21.......Turning 22 in about 7 months time and I start to wonder if theres even any light at the end of the tunnel. Spots are ruining the prime-time of my life for girls and having good parties ;( Im glad youre back on track now! Oh and...Im living the life of a monk - wtf nothing is helping but Im just do
  13. Wow...You make me look like a pussy. And I thought my whining and depression over what I have was bad - I know though my life would be even worse than it is right now if my acne was worse. To be honest when I look at other people it doesnt even look that bad. For you it might look like hell - same goes for me...I got scars all over my face and and about 5 active ones atm where you can see its sticking out of my face. Then again Im up in my age (21) so I shouldnt even be getting them right now.
  14. Over the counter products; no. Laser/light treatment that goes below the upper epedermis; yes. Sometimes a cyst disappear by itself when left untouched. I had one bang on right above my nose bone and right below the eyebrows. Never appeared, but I was afraid tho and one day it just got smaller and went 'away'. Where it went you shouldnt ask me but it hasnt appeared again. That was a lucky one though - Ive had a lot of cysts and after a PDT most of them has now flattened out ....That happene