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    Metal, God, Sports, and getting the lepercy off my face.
  1. Great post. I will add #6: Be Kind- My condition often causes me anxiety, which of course increases irritability. People are more likely to look past your acne/scarring if you are nice, than if you are a dick. It is a battle I deal with daily, and some days are better than others...but I would like to think people like to hang out with nice people, not 'good looking/perfect' specimens.
  2. I am a male, and am growing my hair out for a 2nd time. No real reason, just feel like it. Anyways, if bacteria is the #1 cause of acne, and one (ie: me) tends to have oily skin, would it make sense that I would make my face worse by having longer hair? Could bacteria and harmful products 'hang on' my hair? I shower daily, but I do have a tendency of an oily mop, if I showered the night before and then you saw me at the end of the following day. Am I doing more harm than good?
  3. Not sure, but I live in Hell (the south east) so I deal with this problem almost regularly. Since I used to live in Canada, I suspected this at least contributed to my worsening problems. I find that I don't feel as hot (oily), and as a result, don't have an extreme discomfort to humidity on days where I: a) ran 2 miles at the break of dawn, b) drank LOTS of water, c) avoided ALL fried foods, d) was not in an anxious or rushed state of mind. Since this was certainly not every day of our 9
  4. I have a lot of these problems (not the estrogen but everything else) I have OCD, and it manifested to acne. Thus, I am in a catch 22...anxiety breaks me out, I pick/rub/inspect, which makes me more anxious ect I work in a stressful job, which I think makes life worse. And most of all, I live in a highly humid and hot climate. It seems whenever I eat pizza, I break out bad. Also seems dairy messes me up, as does chocolate. I don't touch chocolate anymore. To the original poster, I do thi
  5. Without reading all of the replies, your skin looks good. From what I have heard, the beginning is the worst, and your system is just excreting all the crap that has been floating around for some time. This is quite natural, and an encouraging sign that the worst will soon be over.
  6. I hear 3-4 tbsp a day is best, so that is what I have been doing (raw, organic). I take it straight in a 2 oz shot glass, chasing with water, but some mix it in their water. 2oz in AM, 2oz in PM. So far (only around 10 days) no issues with my teeth, and I havent heard of such a problem. Is there anything else highly acidic in your diet that could be contributing to your symptoms?
  7. Thanks for sharing, and great attitude. I do have a few pitted(almost crater) scars, among some small cheek clusters. MSM powder + lotion is the best? I am concerned that the lotion will breakout my face, as virtually every other lotion I have tried (from Neutrogena to some Israel natural and everything in between) has. I go around with a dry face for this reason, which I am sure doesn't help the scars. Lastly, what do I need for 'oil pulling'? Thanks! Edit: Sunfood is out of 'facial lotion 4
  8. I am not sure, but I had my liver tested last year for all kinds of things. Found out I had some benign 'Gilberts Syndrome' due to elevated bilirubin levels. I didn't think much of it, nor have I ever cleansed my liver. They said it was in good shape, and since I am in my 20's I assume it wouldn't require a cleanse. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt, though, since everything we ingest makes a stop there. Are they expensive?
  9. Wonderful and informative. IT is posts like these which influence others (like myself) to eat better. I have always been thin, but always too tempted to indulge, esp on weekends. Too much downtime (which, if I am not mistaken, lots of acne sufferers have) results in starting and reinforcing bad habits. I am sure my drinking/smoking/eating binges are not helping my face. The hardest part is: where to start? I get lost quite easily on all the information available. we need acne diet/life coaches
  10. I can confidently and accurately state that acne has robbed me of my soul, any enjoyment I can (naturally) garner from life, and is slowly eating away my ability to function as a human being. I, like you, have endured the pain for over 12 yrs. Oddly enough, it gets worse and not better as time goes on. The skin becomes so battered and abused by all the topicals and creams and washes that it is permafucked. My breakouts aren't as bad of late, but that is because my most recent derma perscribed y
  11. Only in my 20's but I have been dealing with it for over 12 yrs. I spend every hr of every day looking in mirrors, at every possible angle, and freezing at the worst one (torturing myself). I am very hard on my self, and believe I am somewhat evil to have the scarring and recurrent acne that i do. Everyone will say 'its not so bad' 'get over it' ect but it is easier said than done. Should a new one appear, I have difficulty all day and hide that part of my face. Other than going to work, I have
  12. Thanks for your help peteyboy. I wouldn't be using lots as I only want to spot treat with it. Finacea 15% gel 30g can be bought OTC in Australia for $29.99. Acnederm's 20% might be too strong?
  13. As a skiny person w/ moderate acne problems, I believe diet plays as crucial role as any. Reduce fats and sugars and you are on your way . \m/
  14. The lingo changes from region to region. The weed could be laced with PCP, embalming fluid, etc. My point is that you can get tainted weed, that it's out there, and that it's more prevalent than people think. Heck, some of the pot smokers on this thread didn't even know it (wet) existed. As I said before, if you're going to smoke weed, the best thing to do is to do it where it's regulated. Otherwise, you're playing with fire.