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  1. So they are considered liquid, even if they're in between? 3 oz. are too low. If I do decide to transfer them, can I have them in multiple 3 oz bottles?
  2. So I'm flying WITHIN Canada (domestic flight). I am aware they have a rule for the size of the liquids I must carry. I'm only bringing a backpack and not a luggage so I'll have it with me on the flight. I'm planning to bring the entire regimen--from the cleanser, moisturizer, and the BP. They're all in the big 16 oz. containers. Will I be held at the airport for these and be asked to leave them out of my backpack?
  3. You hear about the Red Cross, breast cancer research, stem cell research, etc. but why isn't there acne research charities?
  4. So a 24-hour gym just opened near where I live. A big reason why I haven't signed up for a gym membership is because of my acne, duh. But now that this 24-hour gym is open, I'm thinking of signing up and going early morning, like 5 am. There's still going to be people obviously. My question is, do you wear anything on your face when you're working out? Makeup, acne medication, etc.? Also, do people care? Do you see people with acne too?
  5. OK before I vent please spare me the ethical/moral advice. So I've been seeing this guy for over a month now. We date, we sleep together, etc. Nothing is official though. Anyway tonight, he was horny and asked for pictures. I asked him what kind. He said closeups of my private parts. So I sent them 30 minutes later. Then he texts me asking for more. This time, he said "Can you take a picture of your body from neck to foot?" I got pissed. Naturally I attributed him excluding, not wanting to
  6. Hi. So I only started wearing makeup recently but I've watched lots of makeup tutorials and tried different makeup products. Right now I'm using Vichy Dermablend liquid foundation (I have the perfect color) and Ben Nye concealer and Smashbox primer. All three work like magic. However, 5 hours after putting my makeup on in the morning, shit happens. Later on in the day, my face becomes really oily. 1.) Yes, I do wear moisturizer; 2.) Yes, I did try an anti-oil product and no, I'm not tr
  7. Hey guys, anyway. So like I said, for the past 2 weeks, I've only seen this guy in my dim bedroom with lit candles and computer screen on. BUT thanks to XXYY who PMed me about a miracle foundation, everything changed. Two days ago I went to the drugstore and sought out Vichy Dermablend, the foundation XXYY talked to me about. I was just going to go and grab the product, but the makeup lady stopped me and asked if I needed help. I was hesitant at first, but she was really good. It even ended up
  8. I ordered concealer (Ben Nye tattoo cover) online and shipped it via Express Mail so that's expensive. What happens if I ordered concealer that's too light? Can I still use it? I'm hesitant to return it because it will take too long and it's expensive.
  9. I met this guy for the purpose of a hookup, a quickie, a one night stand. BUT it evolved into something else. Since I met him 2 weeks ago, he's been coming over every other day. He even gave me chocolates for Valentine's Day. BUT we never meet outside my bedroom. I always make sure there's minimal lighting (just a candle and the computer lit). He always invites me to go out to the club or to his place, but I can't. Why? Because if I go over to his place, he'll have to drop me off the next day
  10. I read about this a lot on here. But just wondering, how do you deal with this and hide for long? Doesn't having a boyfriend include *showering* together?!
  11. I brought my mirror and went to class that has fluorescent lights this morning and holy hell, my face was like a fucking Swiss cheese. I thought I look good whenever I leave the house. Then just now, I took the mirror outside my house and my face didn't seem too bad. According to YOU, how do you assess the lighting of the following in terms of how bad your acne looks? -bar/club -movie theater -outside in the snow -outside in the sun -classroom -inside of a car Any particular ar
  12. I don't see any paintings or read about any historical figure with acne. The question is, when did acne originated. If its just recently, could it have to do with our diets? OR could the governments have been releasing some environmental toxin in the air to make the vulnerable ones susceptible to acne, which in turn fosters the multi-million dollar machinery of acne treatment companies?
  13. I'm going to the orthodontist today to have the wiring on my braces changed. I'm wondering whether I should just go bare and not wear makeup. I've never let anyone see my face without makeup except family members!!!
  14. OMG FCK YES!!! I tried the L'Oreal BB Cream (really cheap, $16) + Loose translucent powder. My skin has never looked smoother/natural! I love love love it. I'm going to work now. Let's see if this beautiful face holds up after 8 hours.