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  1. Yes, you would be completely and totally, blissfully joyous all the time if you didn't have acne. This is what fat people think about losing weight, and it simply isn't true; there will always be something to plague you.
  2. What an original story. . . OMG, BEFORE ACNE I HAD GIRLS EVERYWHERE AND NOW WITH PIMPLES NONE WANT ME. WHJABSHDABDHHA Many, many kids go through this, and I'm willing to bet that you don't have anything near severe acne; get over it.
  3. Keep everything in perspective, my friend. At the age of 17, my hairline is severely receding, I have notable acne scars, continue to battle with acne itself, am forced to shave my unibrow every other day, and am genetically prone to becoming overweight should I slightly exceed 1600-1700 calories per day even though I stand nearly six feet tall. Furthermore, my father's entire family is diabetic and morbidly obese which certainly bodes well for my future. The only thing that I can actually c
  4. Thanks for the response. You're right in that I should be weened off the drug, I just don't know how. Do I take it every other day for two week and then once every three days for another week? I was kind of looking for specifics.
  5. As I outlined in a previous post, I have been advised to quit Minocycline all together after a successful three month treatment. Although my doctor has not explicitly mentioned it, I am going to ween myself off the drug and not go cold turkey. So, I need some help. Do I take the pill every other day for a week and then every three days? I have no clue how to do this, and don't want to go to fast/slow. Thanks a lot in advance!
  6. Hey guys, I need some advice. I was to South America this summer for a few months and I got sick of having to apply BP every morning and night so I decided to visit a dermatologist in Peru. The guy is apparently very well respected in his field and I took his subsequent advice. He gave me two months worth of Minocycline along with two months worth of this miscellaneous liquid. The liquid comes in a small brown bottle, and when left alone becomes divided between a clear liquid on top and a wh
  7. I am not sure if this is a long shot or what, but I've been on Minocycline now for about two months and it has worked wonders, along with some Salycic Acid Soap and a topical I have cleared up but I am nervous about going on. Almost everywhere that I have read has said that Mino eventually stops working and the acne comes back. Now I am currently 17 and my dad stopped having acne around 18-19 and I am wondering what I should do. My Mino runs out in a few days and I was wondering what you guys
  8. Yeah I will call derm tommorrow to find out. I do have one question though, are you supposed to take the mino with or without food? I read on a website, drugs.com or something, that you take it 1 hour before food and/or 2 hours after; however, the box says that it should be taken with food if you have upset stomach, which I don't. Any help would be cool
  9. So I went to the derm recently and he prescribed me a pretty simple regimen. In the morning I wake up and wash my face with a bar of Salyicic Acid soap and put no topical on my face. At night, right before I go to bed, I lightly rub and wash my face with water only and then apply a thick white coating from a bottle and leave it on all night. I am wondering what this topical is, it comes in a small brown bottle with a label and the number 240 on it. I am also taking 100g of Minocyclin once a
  10. Hey I was planning on running over to CVS real quick as I am going out of the country tomorrow and need some toiletries. While I was there I was planning on picking up an AHA as I am getting pretty sick of manual exfoliation as it is time consuming and relatively ineffective. I have no time to order Dan's stuff as I leave tomorrow so if anyone could recommend me a good AHA product to use as an exfoliator it would be much appreciated. Thanks so much
  11. I was wondering this too. If I do the regimen at lets say 11:30 A.M. and go swimming at 1 ish that means that the product may wash off and be off for 10 hours? If so this is a major bummer as I just started this winter.
  12. I really like the bottles. I hope that you don't discontinue the bottles because although they are not as travel friendly, it is much easier for me to get the right amount of BP. Now that you've shown us that two full pumps are the necessary requirement, I am able to get just the right amount of BP and the results have vastly improved for me. With the tubes I would usually get the right amount of a finger length, but with holding the tubes and all it was a bit messier and blah, I just like th
  13. yeah i know everyones skin is different. i also dont want an exact timeframe ... just what about....1 year 2 year...3 years? or do you want to tell me it might take 10 years?
  14. Two months, you have to be extremly patient but the results are worth it.
  15. I would like to thank all of you for helping me with my acne, I had moderate to severe acne before I started the DKR regimen, now I am almost completely clear. However, I still have some red marks which have drastically faded. My question is this: after applying Complex 15 Face Cream, my red marks seem to be extensuated and become quite apparent for an hour or two. I am looking or a way, or a new moisturizer, that will not bring out my red marks for the first hour or two. I realize that th