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  1. Is that a Jessica Alba pic? or is that really you?

  2. I would consult your physicain. I don't think that is a normal side effect.
  3. I think about three months to see real good results. I am two months out and have seen a drastic difference. You just have to stick with it.
  4. ALWAYS on my chin! oh, and sometimes on my lip line which is really pretty and looks like a herpe. Though since taking the mino I have had only about two cysts in two months and they were about half the size they would have been pre-mino. Yeah!
  5. I take 200mg a day. One pill in the morning, one pill in the evening........
  6. I've been on it two months yesterday. .1% gel and I can definitly see a difference in my tone and amount of blackheads. It does make my face really dry but that is to be expected. Most of my red and brown spots have disappeared or have faded. My derm said that the retin-a is mainly for blackheads and my antibiotic is for the cystic inflammitory acne. For me anyway. Sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your results. Are you using anything else in conjunction with the retin-a? My daughter
  7. I've been using BP wash in the morning and retin-a at night before bed now for two months and it's working out great. I don't think you are suppose to use them together. I was told to wash with a gental cleanser (I use cetaphil) before applying retin-a, and of course you have to wait like 30 minutes after washing before applying so that your skin is dry otherwise it will irritate you skin.
  8. ModelGirl- You should contact Wynne, or one of the other moderators. I have had unwanted PM's as well and Wynne was very helpful. Sorry this is happening to you.
  9. I cannot wear mineral makeup in powder form either. It does the same thing to my skin. Looks old and makes my pores and fine lines stand out like crazy. I have recently tried physicians formula mineral liquid foundation and this works pretty good. I have been using it this last week and I have no complaints. It is for blemish prone skin so it doesn't break you out and it is the only foundation that I have found that matches my skin tone almost exactly. You can find it at Walgreens for like ten b
  10. If your eating a low-carb diet, your not feeling full because of the lack of carbs. Carbs fill you up and make you feel full. You can eat and many veggies as you want and never feel full. You also my expending more calories than you are taking in. Are you exercising as well? I believe in a well balanced diet with carbs/fat/protein. I just try to exercise portion control and watch my caloric intake. This works for me. If I did the low-carb thing I wouldn't have the energy to workout. For me balan
  11. I was thinking of getting a facial because I have never had one, but after hearing your story I am afraid I don't want to go through that. I am using retin-a too and maybe it was just too much for your skin to handle. I know that just gently washing with a wash cloth my skin is red and somewhat irritated, so I can only imagine what a facial would do to it. Sorry you had to go through that and hope your feeling better.....I think a lot of us feel we can't leave the house without makeup on. Sad, b
  12. It seems as though my skin goes through so many different phases. Sometimes its really, really dry and sometimes its oily, especially after I apply mosturizer and then apply foundation. I can't seem to find a happy medium. It's mainly my cheeks. They are sooooo dry still. I think that I need to gently wash with a soft cloth to help slough off the dead skin. When I do this it is pretty red and when I apply mosturizer right afterwards it will sting a bit, but at least it feelsbetter and it's not r
  13. Stila has really cute packaging. More for younger gals but cute none the less.
  14. Ah, ha. I have heard of St.Topez, but not Zen Tan or Fake Bake. Probably not sold around here. I am pretty osolated. Thanks. I may try the St. Topez.
  15. Thanks! I have used sublime bronze before and liked it, but I didn't know that they test on animals, shame on them! Orgins is only sold in high end department stores, right? I live in a small town and would have to travel and hour and a half to get Orgins. Maybe next time I go to the city I will look into it. About how much does it cost?