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  1. Absolutely! Intolerance to some food can lead to various consequences, including the appearance of acne. When you eat food that your body can not tolerate, it can not be split into simple micronutrients. It complicates the liver functions, which in turn can lead to the appearance of acne.
  2. Hello, 12 hours are really enough for acne to appear, it all depends on your body. You can find out what kind of products leads to the appearance of acne only by experience. For me personally it's fast food. When I eat a lot of such food, I have problems. A few delicious hot dogs or hamburgers lead to the appearance of pimples and rashes on my face after 12-16 hours. But this is only my own observation, I wish you good luck.
  3. Nice story, I'm happy for you. I myself suffered for a long time from these problems. And I still face them sometimes. Thank you for sharing your rich experience with the audience. I'm going to to try your method and eat right.
  4. Also, coffee can be used as an excellent scrub. Of course, it is worth remembering that coffee is, first of all, created for the soft removal of obsolete cells of the skin. Do not use coffee to fight acne if you have severe rashes on your face. Take the ground coffee and prepare the drink. Do not pour out the coffee grouts, but save it. Wait until it has dried. Hold your face above steam or just take a warm bath. Apply coffee on your ski
  5. This method of combating acne is not based on any scientific research, and all its useful properties are purely conjectural. Cosmetologists say that residents of large cities need to wash their face, as we meet every day with dirt, dust, soot and smog that clog the skin no worse than sebum. In addition, it will be pretty naive to assume that cavemen never had acne, this is a guess based on anything.
  6. You are right, author. But few people know about the harm of milk. I have been treated from acne for many years, and I have tried almost everything! I had huge terrible abscesses. On some site I found the information about milk. In that article it is written in detail why milk products are bad for a problem skin. I immediately refused milk. And there was not even a desire to eat some milk products. A month later my skin cleared up. Honestly, I'm in shock. After all, even doctors recommend for t