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    I'm thinking of ordering some but when I sent in questions to them, they just replied back just plainly saying "yes to all". This sort of got me wondering if I should order from them but their product really seems awesome. Has anyone tried this before?
  2. can someone answer my questions?
  3. Wow guys, I just read through the whole thread and this seems very promising. I really wanna get it but before I do I wanna ask some questions (dont hurt me if some of the questiosn were already brought up ). I see that a lot of peopel are using 3-4 different things like activamune/bioresponse/nature's, im just wondering which product would be the best (in ur opinion) and what would happen if you stopped taking after ur acne has all disappeared. thx a lot guys~ edit: o and which site would be
  4. Hey, i wanna try this regimen but before i do, i got a question to ask, can u use glycolic acid (ur aha lotion) with mandelic acid? (one in the am/one @ night) thx
  5. Hey guys, I'm just wondering, has anyone used MaMa Lotion AND NuCelle Serum on the same day? I e-mailed SkinCareRx.com to see if I can just get 15% NuCelle Serum without having to buy the 10% Serum because I've been using MaMa Lotion for almost 2 months now. Just now, they replied back and the SkinCareRx Esthetician said that she highly recommends starting off 10% and, by doing that, I would be using daily dose of 30% AHA (using NuCelle 10% in the AM with sunscreen then MaMa Lotion at night). I'
  6. Wow, thanks a lot for your advice/tips JustaMomToo . I feel a lot more comfortable now about using both of them in one day (one in the morning/one in the night). I'll start using it and update you guys on how it goes. Thanks again.
  7. Hey Jenstar, I'm glad that MaMa Lotion is doing great for you since I use MaMa Lotion as well and I'm also thinking of switching over to NuCelle 15%. But I have a question for you, although I was satisfied with MaMa Lotion, I still kept getting pimples (3-5 @ a time ) so I eventually had to stop MaMa Lotion for a bit and I've been using BP for few days (which is keeping me clear better than MaMa lotion for now). So do you know if you can use mandelic acid with benzoyl peroxide like BP in the
  8. Hey, I just bought the vita-k solution for blotchy skin from Shoppers Drug Mart (I live in Canada). But I really wanna get the Acne Scar one, any idea where else might sell these products? Edit: Never mind, just ordered it online from london drugs.
  9. Hey, i recently bought this Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF 30 moisturizer and i used it for a day and i started to get few breakouts. Then i read some of the reviews on the site and several other people seem to have experienced the same problem. I'm just wondering if the continual use of this product will keep making me breakout or would it eventually stop? and also if anyone used this product did you guys get any positive results from it? thanks
  10. hey, does anyone know if transition to nucelle from mama lotion will make me break out or anything related to that perhaps? and i've been using mama lotion for past month, so would it be okay for me to start with 15% nucelle? thx
  11. Hi Jenstar, I've been using MaMa Lotion for past 2 weeks. Since I know that my face isn't that sensitive I've been using it everyday. But recently, my skin is starting to peel A LOT more . Since I think that you've also been using MaMa Lotion daily, did you have similar experiences? if not, do you think I should reduce it to every other day or moisturize day and night? Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. after the acnes i picked on my face(trying to get rid of that habit ) disappears there is always a dark spot left. How do you get rid of those dark spots?