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  1. I've gotten 2 phenol cross treatments from Rullan and another 2 from a local DR and I've seen slight improvement each time, I agree with Sirius Lee that 1 treatment of anything isn't going to show much if any improvement. I'm probably planning on doing another 3-4 phenol cross treatments with the doctor near me. If you are hesitant on doing cross again I would try RF needling I think cross and RF needling are the best for boxcars, I personally have not tried RF because I've read some horror st
  2. I saw him over a year ago and the trio was 1000 so it has raised quite a bit but again he’s a top specialist so when you compare him to others in his field his prices are still competitive. I found a doctor in DC (where I live) who does phenol cross if anyone is interested, he’s listed under the acne doctor list that beautifulambition put together, Dr Adrian. I am going to see him for a pheneol cross session and he charges 300 for a session.
  3. Does anyone know after subcision if PRP is being injected into the skin it can be used as a spacer so your scars won't retether?
  4. @beautifulambition thank you so much for taking time out of your day to respond to me. I really appreciate it.
  5. Hey all I just had my 2nd round of subcision, cross, and microneedling. This time around my scabs from phenol cross are coming off rather quickly, I got the procedure on Thursday and it’s Saturday and 50% seems have fallen off, seems like after a shower tomorrow another 30/40% will be off, the first time around my scabs didn’t fall off until day 5-6. Is there anything to be concerned about here, may cause more hyperpigmentation? Also a quick question for suctioning after the scabs falls off, d
  6. I use it all over the face, I don’t think it meant to spot treat acne, I think it’s more of a getting rid of the oils that create acne before acne appears. I’ve read it’s like the topical version of accutane and based on how I rarely break out anymore I tend to agree. Just be warned the first couple weeks you may flake a lot on a high dosage and sometimes acne can get worse before it gets better, sometimes referred as the purge state. Also you need just a pea size on each cheek and I forgot to
  7. My acne is genetic as well and I went on two rounds of accutane in the past. My acne came back each time but I didn’t want to get on another round because of risks. I know you mentioned retin-a doesn’t help but that’s the only thing that has helped me since I got off accutane. I used to wake up to a new pimple everyday and since using prescription retin-a I get a break out once maybe twice a month. Have you tried a higher % of retin-a? I think I’m using the .8% but I know they go higher.
  8. @UptownOryx I wouldn’t worry about it, I was hyperpigmentated as well and I freaked out but your face is healing and it can be slow, it took about 4 weeks post procedure for the blotchiness abs redness to go away, remember to use retin A at night and also per beautiful ambition recommendation I am using a kojac licorice cream at night as well to help with the discoloration. @tryinghard123 if you live in Australia you should consider dr David Lim instead of traveling all the way to C
  9. @CleanSlate I had the same procedure done (my first) a month ago, I’m completely healed now, I used ice for the first few days to minimize some of the swelling, I also took arnica orally and topically which helped my body heal quicker as well, and I gently massaged some of the lumps but very very gently. On a side note, if it wasn’t for the lumps you have gotten how much improvement have you seen after getting this procedure done 4 times?
  10. @UptownOryx Sorry to hear, stay positive though and try to remember healing acne scars is a marathon not a race, collagen can take months to generate, your skin can start looking better in the coming months, and also remember it was your first treatment, Dr Rullan suggested atleast 3 for me and I have moderate to mild scarring. Also remember you are your own worst critic, If the scars softened even by 15% that’s improvement, remember your critiquing your face way more than anyone else is.
  11. I was going to suction but was brushed for the first week and had to get back to work so couldn’t afford to self inflict more bruises I just didn’t have the time off for it.
  12. @TastefulText Not sure not a doctor but I’m assuming the type of needle or maybe you can get a few scars subsided instead of your whole face to see how you react, I would talk to the office first and express your concerns and go from there. No pics yet its only been two weeks and I heard microswelling can last a month so will take pics then but if results hold up its at least 35% better.
  13. @UptownOryx haha yeah it was bad, I am not looking forward to the two other trips I have to make out there, good thing is my girlfriend is coming next time so we are going to make a trip out of it and just get the procedure done on the day we leave. Yeah I was bloodied but not bleeding, he had band aids on top of the entry points, although while waiting for the flight I did get a bloody nose which lasted about 20 minutes, soooo random haha. I looked terrible though because I scabbed up immedia
  14. I live on the east coast and are about a few hours away from Novick but choose to go with Dr Rullan instead. I was looking into Novick but the consultation alone is $350 and based on everything I read it would be cheaper to fly out to Dr Rullan including the flight and possibly hotel (I flew in and out on the same day, it was hell lol) then it would be to get a procedure done from Novick. Dr Rullans subcision is aggressive but based on my experience less aggressive treatments usually don't yie