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  1. Nice dude Love rules. I only know that song "you will always see my face" from the movie High Fidelity. I prefer to get rick rolled when I down.
  2. I really believe masturbation is completely normal but anything done in excess can be bad. You shouldn't be embarassed or ashamed of doing it either people in the church can't even keep there pants up but that's different. It just goes to show you even people that have jobs that forbid them of such things can't even abide to them sometimes. Personally I can't help myslelf haha. I need a girlfriend damn
  3. its not even that bad tbh! bit of bronzing fake tan will sort that out. have you tried washing your back with SA cleanse (something with bha) in it? I started doing this about 4 weeks ago and its cleared me up rather well I think the camera made it look better. I'd never go out in a spaghetti strap even though I love those cus they're comfy for me =(. Be honest, would you date a girl with bacne like that? I'm trying vinegar right now, applying before I go to sleep, and showering with baking
  4. Nice switch back. Positivity is good, and I'm sorry I had to Belushi you're song earlier. I feel bad after seeing how sweet you are.
  5. Ha please I laugh. Sorry for making this so off topic, I'm forcing you to be a bad moderator.
  6. tell me why are you so cool? It must be a virginia thing I guess. Even though you're in West VA.
  7. You ever listen to Jose Gonzalez? He kinda has that chill acoustic soul style.
  8. Yeah same it's hard to meet like minded people. Yeah my musical tastes are really all over the place. I love soul music like sam cooke to even some pop/ country everything.
  9. Both respectable songs. I just wish he didn't use that falsetto high voice he always uses. On skinny love he brought his voice down sounds amazing. I can tell how chicks would dig it though. You seem to have some good taste as well.
  10. Yeah they do, that's for sure. All that old footage in that video was sweet.
  11. Nice I think a friendship is brewing. You like fleet foxes? Kinda have a similar sound to that band beirut.
  12. Smoke'm if you got'em. Smooth, rich, mellow Marlboro 27's the best. Nice and taxable for the us gov to fatten there pockets
  13. Oooh you think that song is sappy? Oh the things I could post... I don't think it's sappy though. It's just the truth. And people shouldn't be afraid of expressing emotions. meh I was just joking around. Not too sappy, just kinda predictable country song. Sure hit in country is to reference the united states, red white and blue, you're dog, truck, or cheating gf. I bet you like alan jackson's remember when? That song makes me want to puke. Dude doesn't give a fuck about the people