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  1. gamit ko ngayon, hay grabe ito lng gumana sa kin, dati kuminis na mukha ko dahil dito, tpos tumigil ako dahil akala ko di na ko tutubuan ng pimple, tpos bigland sobrang daming blocked pores after ko magtry ng nivea whitening moisturizer with spf ayon, inulit ko ulit yung regimen na to at buti nlng on d way to clear skin na ulit ako pero marami p rin white heads sa ilalim ng skin, kailangan kong magpalinis ng mukha sa derma kong si nazal at ituloy tong regimen ko, grabe di n ko uulit!di na ko
  2. around 3 weeks ago it was really bad especially on the cheeks and near the jaw! i have moderate acne which is healing because i started using a clindamycin toner, from around 20 active pimples (2 weeks ago) to about 2-3 now. the redness has faded a lot around 40% for 2 weeks and helps the excess skin from my pimples peel off too (i don't feel so ashamed without make-up unlike when my cheeks had a lot of fresh red marks from acne). i have never had anna's experience, maybe she had a different bra
  3. hi, i'm currently using kojic acid soap to fade my red marks, its working better than papaya soap which i have used in the past. what i do is i wet my face and massage the soap for around 1-2 minutes til it becomes tingly, and then i rinse. after that i apply my toner with cotton and i usually see some brown skin peeling from the marks, and i think its the peeling that makes the red marks lighter. i'm really happy with kojic acid soap, the brand i'm using is "kojie-san" kojic acid soap which i b
  4. this is so true, i had more acne before but nobody said a thing, and now that it improved a little, i hear comments here and there, as well as unsolicited advice........and i've been feeling completely down ever since..and it started because of other people's comments and not because of me my mom even told me in the morning that i got used to bad skin that is why i always think that its improving, that really got me down, it had me crying the whole day i don't even want to attend a course i
  5. OMG, that is so bad, and i thought my mom was the worst... if my mom did that to me i would definitely shout back at her and wouldn't allow her to touch my face
  6. i hate wearing make-up too! it clogs my pores, it's like a never ending cycle of new zits and more make-up to cover them i'm hoping for the day when i can finally wear no make-up and be confident because of clear skin
  7. acne sucks......i'm the only one in the family who has to deal with it, and they look at me like it's my fault why i have a lot of zits and they dont, especially my mom this is one of the most depressing days ever....................
  8. hang on there, if today is your lowest point, there's nowhere to go but up........ i'm also really depressed today, i cried and didn't leave my room the whole day, didn't want to eat because i didn't want others to see my face, so i locked myself up, hopefully tomorrow is gonna be better...........
  9. today is one of the most depressing days i have ever had because of acne......... i didn't leave my room, i didn't eat anything and i picked at my zits!!!!!!!!!!!!! it all started a few days ago, and this morning my mom had to nag me about my zits, as if i'm not doing anything to clear them up!! i just lost it!!!!!cried all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i didn't want anybody to see my ugly face, because that's how my mom sees it, and it isn't even my worst case of acne!
  10. this is really interesting, how many times a week should you do this?how did it help improve your skin?is there anything else you use besides this?
  11. you're welcome i hope it works for you, as it does for me
  12. i bought a synthetic brush from the body shop but i heard its not advisable to use body brushes as they can get moldy and become a breeding ground for bacteria(especially when wet), however if you're gonna use a brush, i think a synthetic one (nylon??) would be best, they should be washed with anti-bacterial soap or hot water, and should be allowed to air-dry when not in use so as not to harbour bacteria ;)