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  1. so last night, i tried to stop, i attacked a smal spot on my chin, and now of course it is a scab. I also think, not looking at the mirror helps, literally look at the mirror when u brush your teeth, so twice a day. morning and night, the more Busy i am, the better it is for my skin
  2. Background: I am a young adult woman, and within the past 2 years, I started skin picking. It all started when I cut my hair short and I had to use bobbypins to pin my hair back, I never used a bobby pin in my life, until my hair was short, and bobbypins are like little extractors, and while sometimes, you really need to get that little blackhead or whitehead out, other times you "think" u see a clogged pore, but its just a folicile or a vellus hair... I have fair skin and dark hair, so the
  3. i started the regimen one month ago, and it is working very well, i have mild acne so I only use it once a day at night, it works great. however, I have dryness and tightness in my skin, which no moisturizer or oil seems to get rid of. and to add to it i also have brown spots around where i applied the BP, it looks like patches of dry skin, how can I get rid of this, regimen is great, but dryness and brown patches arent.
  4. so I got a papule about a few weeks ago, on my cheek, and as you guys know papules are big and red and dont ever come to a head, it didnt hurt or feel tender either, it was just kinda there... so I waited and didnt touch it, and it flattened out and now it basically gone, right now it is still very red and I have pigmentation on the area of it, however, I kinda noticed a enlarged pore on it, where the zit was, I dont know if its like a regular pore apart of my skin, because i do have like med
  5. ya it does, i guess ill wait 4 it to come to the surface a little longer
  6. i have this huge red pimple under my eye, finally i noticed its slowly come to the white head i so badly want to pop.. but the white pus is not to the surface yet, it is still imbeded inside, what do i do what for it to surface or try to pop it
  7. So i got a small abrasion on my cheek, i dont think it was too deep, well the scab came off like 5 days later, now its been 3 days and the skin looks shiny and kinda indented a little, and its a bit puffy too. i am so confused and what will happen and i cant stop staring every 5 mins, I hope it goes away, how do u know it will be indented, is it still in healing stages, its shiny, pink and a little puffy...
  8. no, actually, they do have whiteheads, there not like plugged, flesh colored pimples- i know there gonna pop- but i wish there was a faster way i could get rid of them
  9. im getting these small whiteheads on my cheeks, they arent inflammed or growing, there just there, im wondering which way can i get rid of these small pesky whiteheads- should i dry them out, by using a mask, or should i scrub my face with exfoliant.??
  10. hey i tried this new makeup, im not sure if it made me break out, but i have these little zits on my cheeks....what can i do to get rid of it....and help speed it up- school starts soon 4 me
  11. is there anything but BP, one can use to get rid of acne, i have mild acne. i get smalll pimples with white cores...the regimen was working well except it left my skin in bad texture and dull complexion, is there anything natural or non-chemical that will work...
  12. thanks for the suggestions...btw- when i used the regimen i only used it at night, i cannot imagine doing it 2x....i think im going to try to do spot treatment, rather then apply BP, to my "acne prone" areas...i hope it works..