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  1. um ?

    this product bleached my face. no joke.  just because it didn't work for me, does not mean it wont for everyone BUT if you are a darker skinned person (like myself) be wary of the product's bleaching nature.  sayonara 
  2. 15 Y/O Girl on Accutane

    First off: I never imagined I would be writing a review on this forum, clear skinned. Over the past year or so I have spent a CouNTLess number of hours browsing through many different acne related blog posts and reviews. I don't want to make this too long but here goes. I have had mild acne since I was 11 or 12. It started out as small bumps on my forehead, to large, cystic pimples that would scar my skin by the time I was 14/15. Over these years I have tried many, many different products b
  3. So I had my dermatologist appointment today and he prescribed roaccutane after agreeing that the doxycyline and tretinoin did not make a significant improvement. Majority of the accutane reviews and journey posts I've read have been from the UK or America, so I was sort of surprised at the process here in Australia. First of all, there were no pregnancy tests (most probably because i'm 15) and my follow up appointment is in 2 months, rather than every month. Though, he did emphasise that I sh
  4. here's a brief run down. I have had acne since I was 11. It was mild. Over the span of these 4 years, my acne has progressively gotten worse. This year has been the worst my skin has ever been. It's terrible- lots of hyperpigmentation (i'm asian so the dark marks really stand out) and of course pimples. Fun! I saw a dermatologist in April (2018) and he recommended I take accutane (or roaccutane, as its referred to in aus). I said no because I was hesitant, didn't believe my skin was 'bad' enou
  5. doxy and tretinoin

    I'm a 15 year old girl who has, unfortunately, suffered from mild acne since I was 11. However, my acne has progressively gotten worse since the beginning of this year. I started using epiduo which, I believe, ruined my skin even more. I developed really bad hyperpigmentation all over my face and was always covered in pimples, mainly whiteheads and cysts. I finally went to a dermatologist in April and upon looking at my face, he recommended accutane or an antibiotic plus topical treatment. He to