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  1. So i have been on tane for about 5 days and I have very oily skin and lots of blackheads. I am wondering if accutane can get rid of blackheads for good the same way it can get rid of acne for good. What do you think?
  2. The key word you used was "low dose". My derm said that when you do it you need to DO IT!!!! He said all this low dose nonsense is why oily skin and acne come back. He said it doesn't matter if you have mild or severe, you must reach your cumalitive(sp?) dose to get rid of it. Not saying there isn't a chance it would come back, but he literally said that low dose is a "waist of money".
  3. So when I search for Kerastase Hair Supplements I just come up with shampoos, conditioners, creams, etc. Isn't this a dietary supplement? Can someone please let us know where this can be obtained? Thank you.
  4. I was also wondering the same thing. I am in Oregon, USA. Is there a store that I can get the kerastase at or do I need to order it online? Thanks in advance...
  5. Oh yeah, I also read about folks using Biotin, for the hair. Anyone?
  6. I think it would be smart to stay off creatine and other supplements that are hard on liver/kidneys while on tane.
  7. Hey all, So I just got a prescription for the tane and am getting ready to start but am wondering about supplements to make things easier on my body. My derm said he didn't expect me to have an IB but just in case I have heard some folks recommend b5 supplementation at the start. How much and how often? What do you guys think? Accutane takes a toll on your liver so I am going to be taking Milk Thistle. Anybody else do this? Right now I take a multi vitamin but it obviously has vit A in it.
  8. Chicky1!!!! Hey Girl! I have the EXACT same skin as you! Not a lot of pimples or cysts per say, just really oily skin and clogged pores. I have tried everything(retin a micro, differin, antibiotics, tons of different topicals, oil reducing supplement called vilantae.com). I am 27 and nothing has worked to get rid of these evil blackheads and clogged pores! I just got my prescription for accutane yesterday! I had to see two derms to get it but the second derm was soooo cool and understanding, ju
  9. A serum is by far more effective than a toner. I believe toners are unnecessary. I also believe a gentle cleanser is best. A cleanser containing mandelic is expensive considering it will just literally be washed down the sick.
  10. Is there really a difference between the Vivant Mandelic Serum and the Vivant Mandelic Toner, other than the % of mandelic acid they contain? The reason I'm asking is that I am already using the cleanser and want the FULL benefits of mandelic acid which I don't think you get from a cleanser alone. The toner comes in 3% and 9%. The serum is %15. So I was thinking that I would start with the toner, but do you think I would get the same benefits with just not as much "power"?
  11. Hey man, I sent you a pm! Great post! So which of the links that you provided at the end of your post most closely resembles the acnenomore system?
  12. Hey there, I was on Retin-a micro for quite some time and It really made my face red and peely. I would use it sparingly if you are fragile and dry from the tane. You said that you read Lionqueens post, which one? She likes the mandelic acid and that is what I have been using lately. It is easier on my skin than what I was using before(Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser). have you considered using nothing? I know that sounds weird but sometimes I think it might be the best thing if the tane did i