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  1. 19patel99

    Month 1 Week 2

    My skin is worse... I wake up with around 2 cysts every day and they are leaving behind brutal scarring that can't be covered with makeup. I have also noticed smaller closed comedones popping up everywhere. It doesn't help that I am so stressed about this. I am really unsure of what to do... I am scared that my hormones have been permanently fucked from stopping mid pack and taking a break. I see my dermatologist in 6 weeks...which is a lot of time for things to either improve or worsen. I feel like it might head for the latter though. I have no self confidence. Anyone gone through something similar?
  2. 19patel99


    Here goes nothing: So I was put on Ocella in July. And I took that for a little over 2 months. I noticed that whenever my placebo week came around, my skin would instantly clear up. I was so frustrated that I stopped midway through the third pack. I was still breaking out on and off for two weeks after, and so my dermatologist and gynecologist both recommended me to re start the pills for another 3 months. I am on my third week of Ocella, and my skin is even worse than the first time around. I wake up with a new cyst on my face daily. My confidence has taken a knock and my skin is scarring badly. I am really unsure of what to do. I was going to skip the placebos, to help my skin adjust, but now feel as though I should see if the placebo week clears me. I want to quit so bad, does anyone have any similar experiences?
  3. I think you should ask your dermatologist to up your spiro dose; your body may have adjusted to it. If that doesn't work, it could be your birth control. Can I ask what birth control you are on and if you had an initial break out? I'm on yasmin right now and going through a pretty rough time.
  4. 19patel99


    Before I took the pill for a little over 2 months. I am now back on the pill, and immediately began to break out, a little worse than before. I have decided to skip the placebo pills this time around to help my body adjust. I am scared it'll never get better. I just need hope. The pill is making me depressed and that with the new breakouts has been giving me a really rough time.
  5. 19patel99


    Long Story: Bare With I started taking Yasmin a few months ago. I noticed that I broke out during the active pills and cleared up during the placebos. I was so frustrated that I went of the pill mid week in the third pack, and while things seemed okay, I started to breakout again. Two weeks later, My gynecologist and dermatologist both recommend that I go back on the pill and wait another 3 months. Its only 1.5 weeks in and I'm breaking out more than I was on the pill previously. I wake up with 3/4 new cysts daily and they won't seem to go away! I keep noticing these small almost like little blackheads forming underneath my skin, and they keep pushing up and causing pimples. I know this is the Yasmin because its never happened before. I'm not sure what to do? Is this normal? Anyone have a similar experience with Yasmin?
  6. 19patel99

    Month 1 Week 1

    I just finished the first week... OMG it's been horrendous! I woke up every day with 2-3 new spots, some were really quite nasty while others weren't. I've been getting a lot of whiteheads on my forehead and a few cysts around my cheek. I feel like they come to a head farely quickly, but they leave behind raised scars. This is super confusing to me because it seems like I am breaking out more than I was originally on the pill. It's really difficult for me to think that I'm going to have to be on this for 3 whole months. I'm getting extremely discouraged as my skin has never been this bad. I start week 2 today; I'm not expecting to see much improvement as these breakouts show no sign of clearing.
  7. 19patel99

    Day 2

    I guess it didnt attach...here you go
  8. 19patel99

    Day 2

    Just thought I'd let you know what my skin looks like right now before I start documenting my progress:
  9. 19patel99


    Hi guys! So I was prescribed Ocella to help combat my nasty period breakouts. I noticed that during the placebo week, my skin would clear up and then break out on the actives. So I stopped in the third month. I stopped the pill, but am still breaking out. I went to the gynecologist, and he advised that I restart the pill and wait it out for another 3 months. I'm terrified. Having to deal with such horrendous breakouts was horrible...idk what to do! I'm still breaking out so if I'm breaking out might as well at least do it while trying something?
  10. 19patel99

    I give up.

    Hi; I've been losing hope each day too, but please remember that every problem has a solution! Looking at your acne, it seems as though you have taken a very mild approach. I would schedule an appointment with your dermatologist and look into a course of antibiotics as well as a topical retinoid. Also avoiding dairy could help with inflammation! These things helped to keep my quite clear until I pulled a dick move and went on birth control- hormonal acne is almost impossible to get rid of!
  11. I know that mine is hormonal because it flares up around my period and is deep and cystic. I also know its hormonal because I reached clear skin on Microgestin for around 2 months when all of a sudden I started breaking out again. I have cleaned up my diet quite a bit, and although it has helped those nasty fuckers still find a way on my face. It has gotten worse now that I've started and stopped bc (my body is just out of whack) so I know that whats happening to my face rn is hormonal. Did u immediately clear up when you stopped taking those pills? Have you considered a birth control with a less potent progesterone? Or maybe spironolactone?
  12. 19patel99

    Low dose Accutane and Hair loss

    How is everything going? I am having skin complications from birth control and I feel super discouraged. I have been perusing through your account and have noticed that you and I both suffer depression from our skin - just wanted to make sure you were doing okay!
  13. OHMYGOD THE SAME SHIT IS HAPPENING TO ME. My doctor put me on Ocella and I noticed that I would breakout really badly on the active pills and totally clear up on the placebo week. So into the third month, I quit. My skin was still breaking out a little but not nearly as bad as on the pill. Its been a 1.5 weeks now and my skin has totally just like exploded. I am so fucking scared... I think it might be from the estrogen drop?? I just really dont know what to do. I emailed my doc about a new pill so hopefully she can give me something. FYI I cleared for about two months on Microgestin and then just started randomly breaking out. Is there anyway you can give me more information about ur time on Sprintec. I am nervous that I shouldn't have stopped Ocella.
  14. 19patel99

    Clear Skin on Placebo Week?

    I'm not sure if anyone is still following this, but I stopped Ocella about a week ago and it really seemed like things were improving, and all of a sudden- like literally overnight I broke out like crazy. I emailed my doctor for a new pill, but I'm petrified. I dont know what to do!
  15. I was prescribed Ocella to help combat nasty period breakouts. I noticed that on the placebo week, my skin would totally clear up. Second placebo week and I had no new actives popping up. When I continued into the third pack, I broke out again so I stopped. However this time, my skin is taking longer to clear. It has been about 1.5 weeks and although my skin is not as bad as it was on the pill, I am still get really random zits (the kinds I haven't had in years). I'm starting to panic. I emailed my gynecologist for a new pill, but am wondering if I should go back on Ocella?? Has anyone had a similar experience?