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  1. I have this pretty big cyst on my cheek that's getting that kind of shiny soft look, like it's filled with fluid just under the surface. I've applied heat for days but it doesn't look like it's going to be coming to a head anytime soon. I can't afford a cortisone shot but I don't really want this to stick around. In the past when I've gotten these, I've successfully managed to drain it by puncturing it somehow, and I want to do the same with this.. what would happen if I carefully sterilized a
  2. I feel you, I started getting very similar nodule-like acne around my chin and jawline just as I entered college, huge red painful bumps that looked awful and made me really self conscious. I'm pretty sure that type of acne is hormonal. To be honest I tried retin-a, topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics and those cleared some other acne (like on forehead) but not the chin/jaw area. Then I went on Accutane and birth control. I know you don't want to go on it and of course that is entirely your d
  3. So I had this huge flesh-colored lump under my cheek for at least a month, and I knew it was going to became inflamed aaaaaaany day. But I just had to interfere because I'm dumb like that so I poked at it for awhile and sure enough the next day it had turned to a huge inflamed lump, pretty hard underneath the surface. I'm going back to school in < a week and I do NOT want this on my face.. Do you guys have any advice to help it come to a head so I can get rid of it?! THANK YOU
  4. thanks for the help so far! I'd love to share what the peels/serum have done so far: So actually I guess you're supposed to do peels at least 6 months after finishing tane.. but I got too impatient so I actually started like two months afterward (my skin seemed back to normal but that was risky..) I started with a 30% at-home glycolic peel and have done about 7-8 treatments so far, once a week. There's no downtime--you won't see a layer of skin visibly peel off--but my skin was especially glo
  5. I kind of had a similar situation.. I wasn't completely clear when I finished my course in May. I was much improved but nowhere near good (still lots of moderate acne, many blackheads, and even a couple of small cysts). My derm wouldn't let me continue though but said I could go on a second course after summer if needed. So over the summer my skin HAS improved drastically... it continued to clear up over the past 3 months, slowly but surely. I think your skin will continue to get better. Howeve
  6. I'm about to go on a second course of Accutane and am really concerned this time about keeping my skin condition as healthy as possible. I scarred a lot in my previous course and my skin was always dull and flaky, and while I'm doing glycolic peels and using copper serum in between courses, I want to find some things that'll keep my skin (relatively) radiant and hopefully continue to diminish visible scarring while I'm on tane again... any ideas? Can I continue to use Copper Serum while on tane
  7. I totally recommend using Aquaphor as a nighttime moisturizer--when I was on Accutane, my skin got so dull-looking and impossibly dry and flaky during the day, even when I put on heavy night cream (like Aveeno night cream) and good moisturizer in the morning. But then I tried slathering Aquaphor at night and my skin was TONS better. Glowy, soft, smooth, much more radiant, and way more moisturized. It didn't clog pores either, totally awesome.
  8. Hey.. I don't have any definitive advice for you because I'm kinda in the same predicament (improvement was good but not great and still lots of problems). Personally I'm going to ask for a second course because I think I wasn't on it long enough, and the same may apply for you.. so I'd recommend checking with your derm to see if he/she agrees. Maybe being on it for another few months will clear up the rest, especially if the oil is pretty much gone!
  9. I took Accutane for six months and saw pretty good improvement by the end. I still had breakouts and clogged pores, but a lot of the deep bumps and problem areas were much better. Anyway, it's about two and a half months after I stopped, and my face is back to being oily as ever, still tons of clogged pores, and still get breakouts on my cheeks... inflamed ones and even some cysts. Not as bad as before, but still quite bothersome. My derm said she'd be willing to put me on another course in a c
  10. Are they like white/flesh-colored bumps that seem under the skin and impossible to get out, but if you squeeze them or something they'll flame up? If so... I totally had those ALL OVER my cheeks and chin area and it made my skin look terrible, but I went on accutane and they slowly but surely went away. Just like that. I would say.. starting around month 3-4 and pretty much totally cleared away by the end.
  11. Happy birthday!

  12. I've tried a million things, Aquaphor, Aveeno etc. Aquaphor is great most of the time but sometimes when your lips are REALLY dry it's just goopy on top and really gros.. I HIGHLY recommend Blistex Lip Medex (blue jar thing).. it feels awesome and gets rid of dryness so quick and easily, best thing ever.
  13. I've tried lots of stuff.. I love aquaphor but if my lips are really flaky all it does is put a layer of greasy thick stuff on top of it and it's gross... just recently discovered Blistex Lip Medex and LOVE IT SO MUCH. highly recommended!
  14. I've tried a bunch of different things and found the following to be really moisturizing: Night: aquaphor (yesss, on my face.. it sounds gross but I haven't broken out and I wake up really greasy but then I wash it off and it's awesomely moisturized and smooth) or Aveeno ultra-calming night cream for less intense moisture Morning: base of Weleda Skin Food - just got this last week, it's really thick and rich but I find if I rub in a thin layer immediately after washing, then follow up with ave