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  1. I've thought about Lasik for awhile (I'm on my 2nd year of this dry eye period) and its not cheap. Something like $3000 total, and I'm kinda worried about what might happen during the procedure (i.e. go blind). Overall, the price would definitely be worth it with a lifetime of contacts.
  2. I have the same problem as you, only it is my right eye which is especially dry. Whenever I do a hard blink, it sorta "pops". I can no longer wear my contacts because of this. I'm just waiting until I get off accutane until I can approach this further.
  3. As others have said, it's more than likely from the accutane. I'm on it and I notice it especially starts to hurt when I play tennis.
  4. I've been on Accutane 3 times and each time has been noticeably less severve. First time I had medium sized cysts. Second time I had medium sized zits. This time, I had alot of tiny red mark zits. This last time I'm guessing is the last time I need accutane.
  5. Thats the location of the majority of breakouts too. I use Aloe Vera on them.
  6. Ha, I'm on my 3rd course and each time it has been less severe. First time I had medium sized cyst like zits, second time it was more medium sized zits (non-cyst) and then this time it was alot of tiny zits. I just went on accutane for the 3rd time about 3 weeks ago and I was clear from the second course for nearly 2 years. Truthfully, I think I just got lazy about everything. There were some nights I didn't wash my face, some weeks where I ate too much fast food, I never drank water really an
  7. Late august? Jesus. I don't know anything about ordering accutane online as I got it prescribed from my derm, but I would try to find another dermatologist because 2 months seems a bit too long.
  8. Towards the end of 8th grade, I got 2 small zits under my right eye and I remember thinking to myself "what the fuck is this?". In the summer of that year, all hell broke lose and I went on accutane a few months later. I was clear for my junior and senior year in high school and didn't think twice about my skin...but here I am again at square one in college, at 19, on accutane for the 3rd time. Awesome.
  9. Ok so I notice after every time I shave I get a bunch of red marks over the area and within a day or two they fade. I have been extremely lazy this past year for shaving (mostly due to college) and have only been shaving once a week. Do you find its better to shave every day so your skin becomes immune to the irritation? I have been pondering this for sometime now and haven't experimented with it, I just figured I would get an opinion before I tried it out. Keep in mind I'm on accutane right no
  10. Yeah, same problem with me. Before I started accutane my face didn't look any near as bad as it does now with acne really only on the sides of my nose just below my eyes. Funny thing though, 3 days after I started accutane my face cleared up just with a few red marks and I was like "My god, it's a miracle!". Now I'm on Day 18 and I am really broken out all over, except my chin which I'll occassionally get a zit or two there but its nothing. Oh well, this crap better work (again, its 3rd course f
  11. Yakushi, your skin is really damn clear. Do you have a before picture or anything?
  12. I don't know if this will work for you guys, but I tried this last night and it appears to have worked greatly when I woke up this morning. For the lumps on my forehead I noticed they got worse when I ran hot water under them/washed them with soap/put BP on them/put moisturizer on them. So all I did last night was run cold water on them and it seems to have really helped alot. Not saying it works for everyone, but it's worth a shot.
  13. That cracked me up, but really I don't know if I could go without a week of masturbating.