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    Excercise! I run/speedwalk daily with my 2 New Guinea Singing Dogs...they pull me like a sled dog team!<br /><br />I'm not affiliated with this web site, but here is some good holistic skin info: <br />http://tinyurl.com/358jpv<br /><br />
  1. I'm thinking of getting this exact procedure done, too. My dermatologist says she loves it, but recommends that I do one more microdermabrasion first. Have you noticed an improvement?
  2. Have you heard of demodex mites? I learned about them on this board. Is your face itchy, especially at night? demodex message board (or just do a search on demodex) and on the Wikipedia page: Demodex wiki
  3. Hang in there. Going to work is the worst, the bright florescent office lighting is NOT the most flattering! I wanted to cry on mornings where my face was oozing and I had to get to work, ooze and all. But remember, it's BETTER to have people ask you what's wrong with your face than to ignore you completely. (although I also know what it's like to WANT to be ignored on those occasions when I'd rather just hide). People show their concern in funny ways...sometimes ignorant...but roll with it
  4. Yah...what was that you said a few pages back? "I love long posts" That's right! :clap: I hope all the rambling helped with some of the questions you'd posed to us. For now, I'd love to hear about any updates. :D
  5. I know it seems bad to you, but the photos look like no one could really tell unless they got right up close to you. At least your skin tone is even and not really discolored, which helps! And the inflammation seems to be concentrated only on your cheeks - it's good that you took action before it got REALLY bad! Keep smiling, you're too pretty to let this get to you. Keep us posted, and keep posting pictures!
  6. Even though you're so young, is it possible you could have a polyp or blockage? Ask your doc if you should make an appt with a gastroenterologist. You'd be the youngest person in the waiting room. Also, how do the herbal "cleansing" teas work for you?
  7. bchapais is ABSOLUTELY right! I just found out about Pro-biotics myself this past Xmas when I visited my parents. My Mom told me about them, and that is precisely what I am going to recommend to you. The body contains microbes called "gut flora." This "good bacteria" is thrown out of whack by stress, traveling, alcohol, sickness, anti-biotics, and other toxins. This allows for harmful bacteria to take over and keep you sick and/or irregular! To help your immune system, a daily dose (or two if
  8. Although your acne isn't bad, remember that acne is still not a healthy condition. When I first went to the dermatologist, she lamented "WHY did you wait so long to see me?" argh! It could be hormonal, or oil, or stress, or allergies, or a number of causes. But please don't be like me and wait too long to see a doctor! He could recommend an over-the-counter gentle cleanser or prescribe something to your individual case, but please get a doc's opinion! In the meantime, I swear by a good humidi
  9. What kind of fat? You'll want to make sure it's healthy fats, I'm assuming. Here are some "healthy fat" suggestions: Silk Soymilk now makes a "Silk Plus Omega-3 DHA" which has Omega 3 fatty acids added, and is completely vegetarian. Walnuts, flaxseed & salmon are great Omega 3 sources. Peanuts have healthy monosaturated fats. Also: avocado, unsalted sunflower seeds, peanut butter, & olive oil. ...oh, and I like a couple teaspoons of flax seeds over my cereal in the morning. (
  10. Most drugstores carry Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free Makeup but because it has salicylic acid I'd be a little worried about your face peeling. However, it does not seem to clog pores! Unfortunately, it doesn't have the best variety of color tones. However, "Golden Almond" might work for you. Also, I have heard GREAT things about Iman's cosmetics line. She had an "oil-free stick foundation" in LOTS of colors. Her web site is iman make sure that whatever you get is marked "oil free!" Some
  11. Hi, Model! Good luck with everything! Your smile is so pretty, I'm sure it outshines any problem on your face! Did you have a recent hormonal change, like going on/off or changing an oral contraceptive? (you don't have to answer, but you'll want to tell your dermatologist about any possible change). That is what just happened to me! I was on Ortho TriCyclen and my insurance switched me to the generic Trinessa (prices went waaay up for brand name) and I broke out badly! Going OFF the generic a
  12. Oh...and not to spam you, but one more thing... (like Columbo says). Surprisingly, Mystic tanning (where the machine sprays you) seems to clear my skin pretty well. I never thought about it, but when you mentioned the aloe vera, maybe that's what's doing it. It any case, it's an instant glow. I just use a level 1 or 2 in the winter time, because I'd look funny if I were too tan. I just updated my profile to add my regimen & a before/after shot. For lighter skinned people, a TINY bit of ma
  13. Hey, Ranger! I just found your blog today, and read the whole thing at once. This is kind of hard to explain, but isn't it funny how some people, even with terrible acne, can still have really GREAT skin in-between the inflamed areas? I mean, the parts of your skin that ARE clear are amazingly clear...like a baby's bottom, as they say. Look all around your eyes/forehead/nose bridge, for instance...that is where most people have damaged skin. But yours is healthy and vibrant, with no lines, no