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  1. and this was ok even after having reached your target dose? lol, you know when you have a spot brewing under the skin that hasn't surfaced yet? well thats the kind of bump I'm talking about, you can't see it as it's still underneath but I can feel it.
  2. Thanks Well I can't push my tongue into it as the bumps are by my ears, it's an area that went through the IB and has definitely improved but not all of it has been pushed out you see?
  3. So I'm at the end of my four month course and accutane has worked wonders for me, I went from severe acne to clear skin, except that when I wash my face or put cream on I can feel the bumps of some spots undeneath the skin. As my course is ending I dont really know what to expect from these bumps now, any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hey I weigh about 110 pounds, no idea about kg though. Since yesterday my face has felt tight enough for me to need to put cream on a few times during the day, havent't got any major body dryness. But I've noticed that I get tired really suddenly in the middle of the day when I was feeling fine 2 minutes before. I'm finding that exercise really helps though, Im taking dance classesand really love them. Argh I'm not looking forward to day 20 if thats when the IB is supposed to start. Im on day 16
  5. I'm scarred and I play guitar. Everynight I practise then put on my topicals and play some more, sometimes wonder about the amount of stuff from the strings that gets on my face, or the amount of bp now on my strings...
  6. Hey congrats from starting :) Im on a four month course too, 40mg/60mg every other day. Heres to clear skin for the both of us by April/May time!
  7. Hey Im on day 8 of my accutane course, 40/60mg on alternate days, and like you I've been experiencing some dryness around the lips and chips, and under my eyes too. I was seriously nervous about taking the pills to, to the point that my family and friends wanted me to take it more than I did, but of course Im glad Im taking it, finally dealing with the acne, I've yet to be hit by an intial breakout but I'm preparing myself. Good luck with the course!
  8. Hey I started just 3 days before you. I havent had any major side effects yet but Im preparing myself hehe. I hope your initial breakout goes away soon!
  9. *jumps on the accutane bandwagon* Hey I'm 20/f and popped my first pills last night, on 60/40mg on alternating days. Hope it goes well for all of us :dance:
  10. Well in my case stopping eating dairy has stopped the cysts that resulted from eating it, but not all the acne. I saw a homepathic doctor who said that due to my blood type, A+ my body cant digest dairy as well as other blood types.