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  1. Hey guys. Like so many of you I've struggled with acne for years. I'm currently on low-dose Accutane for it and I hope my skin will be nice and smooth soon. You can read my story in my 'tane log if you're interested. There is one point that I haven't mentioned there yet: I've completely avoided looking at my face for a year. That's right: a full year without mirrors. It was only about two years ago that I started realy obsessing about my skin. I spent hours in front of the mirror trying to squ
  2. Seeing I've got too much time on my hands I might as well annoy the hell out of you and update this everyday. Anyways, here's... Day 7 Skin Dry and peeling. Spot on my forehead is drying up. Two new tiny spots on my temple. The whiteheads around my mouth have magically disappeared :S. There was just one left that I could easily pop. Still no new actives on my chest. Back and neck are still misbehaving but I couldn't detect anything new. Side-effects Yesterday's comment must have jinxed on me
  3. I'm in the same boat as you! Well almost...I'm currently on the 7th day of 20mg Roaccutane for mild acne. I'll be reading your journal. Good luck on your course!
  4. Day 6 Skin Bump on my forehead is still there but appears smaller. Some tiny whiteheads around my mouth. Picking will make them look worse so I'm trying not to touch them. Blackheads are coming to the surface. I could just - yeah TMI - scrape some of them off . I sooo hope they will all clear up soon. Body acne hasn't changed. No new actives on my chest but I've still got a few painful cysts (?) on my neck and back. Side-effects Luckily, headache and tiredness have subsided. Lips are a bit dry
  5. I'm happy to hear makeup works well for you . I hope it makes you feel more confident too. What CET said is so true; you look good even with spots.
  6. Thanks for reading my log, Madeline. I've read yours and found it pretty inspiring and uplifting. Great to hear your course ran so smoothly . I really hope you'll stay clear after you stop taking 'tane. You'll be fine I'm sure =). Our stories are indeed similar. I had been breaking out pretty badly in the past few months, getting some nasty stuff in places that had always been clear, and I was afraid that my skin would get out of control. I was (and still am) afraid I'll end up with scarring.
  7. It's fun to know people are reading this . Trent, please don't worry about red marks. They will fade eventually. It's a good thing they aren't real scars. You might want to try a concealer in the meantime. I have those days (like yesterday lol) that they really put me down but the idea that (at least in most cases) they won't be there forever somewhat helps. Day 4 Skin Pretty decent. Just two tiny non-inflamed things. They didn't even left a mark after popping. Also, no dark circles worth ment
  8. Yet another day. Day 3 Skin Pretty much the same as yesterday. Unblocked two tiny congested pores. No new actives. Nothing to worry about. Yeah, objectively speaking... I felt horrible about my skin today. Side-effects Labello S.O.S. works like a charm; no dry lips! I've got a pretty bad headache though. Mood I went to Amsterdam with a friend. I tried on a jacket in some preppy shop... dressing room lights are the worse. It was horrible. My skin looked dull, sort of dry and oily at the same tim
  9. Another uneventful day. Took my 20mgs again; this time with a meal of veggies, mexican beans and potatoes. Didn't feel scared this time. Yes guys, I plan on updating this daily. Day 2 Skin The spot I referred to as this "sweet little cystic thing" turns out to be not quite cystic at all. It doesn't hurt anymore and appears to be drying up or so *knocks on wood*. Now isn't that terribly interesting to read? My skin feels normal, dry nor oily and looks better than usual. Side-effects Dry lips.
  10. Great to hear a fellow Death Note fan will be reading this =). Just on the day I had to pop my first pill the acne.org boards were down! The horror . Here's yesterday's story. I finally took up courage and popped my first 20mgs after a nice plate of whole-grain spaghetti (with organic veggie sauce and a bit of gorgonzola). Don't panic! I was a teeny bit afraid that it would turn me into a Vogon overnight... Well.... I'm still somewhat scared, but I've survived the first night. Day 1 S
  11. I just read some of your other entries. You must hate me for saying "things will get better" an stuff... I feel like I understand your pain. Been there, done that. Even though my acne is considered mild, it makes me want to die at times. Feel free to PM me.
  12. Amazing improvement! I'm so happy your skin is getting better. I've been reading your journal for quite some time and man... you seem like such a fun person . It's great that you haven't given P. Acnes the chance to ruin your personality.
  13. Keep going! I'm sure your skin will get better, but you look really sweet regardless. Please don't feel depressed. I mean, it's just acne . Nah, kidding, I know it feels bad, but honestly, you are good-looking. One a side-note, did you get your name from the Harry Potter books? They're great books, aren't they?. You should read the British, uncensored, editions, if you haven't already. The Scholastic editions suck .
  14. Totally agree! You look stunning and your skin is absolutely flawless! I hope your good results will last after you've finished your course. I'm starting low-dose Roaccutane tomorrow. I hope my course will be as smooth as yours!
  15. Hey everyone! I'm a 19-year old girl from the Netherlands. I like Zelda, Mario Kart, Final Fantasy, the Harry Potter books, Death Note, Japanese fashion, Japanese tattoos (I don't have any tattoos though, not yet ), make-up art, "scene" hair... I really wish that was all I had to tell. What follows is the [tl;dr] part... I've struggled with mild, but extremely stubborn acne since age 14. It's steadily been getting worse in the past few months. People tell me it's not much of a problem but it