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  1. yeah. good ideas. i guess, with me, it'll just boil down to me needing to close my dorm room door to keep people out! i have almost no willpower when people say to me "hey wanna go do ______?" and even when i have a stack of papers/books on my desk and i know very well what i should be doing, i'm always like "yeah!" ...that's gonna have to stop.
  2. thanks guys! your answers have been a big help. i just ordered jane iredale amazing base foundation. my derm said that it'll allow my face to "breathe," unlike liquid makeups. i just find it odd that my derm would say something like that when a half dozen individuals on this board said the opposite. oh, well. even if he says again that i shouldn't wear makup, i'd do it anyway. i've seen some people's galleries during their initial breakouts, and i'm sure mine will be no thing of beauty eit
  3. oh, i just remembered, i have another question... i read about people's concentration being lower than usual while on accutane, and therefore some peoples grades/gpa's dropping. how prevelant is this? i'm concerned because i go to a private (and expensive) college. i got a decent sized scholarship which i need to maintan a 3.00 for. if i don't maintain this gpa, it's community college. . this past semester i sneaked by with a 3.080. ...so obviously, i have no "wiggle room" i'm just conce
  4. not necessairly (I'm SURE i spelled that wrong...) a mean thing per se, but it was extremely awkward anyway. i was in sixth grade and was starting to break out on my back. ...and i was changing for gym one day and usually i was really careful about it, changing with my back to the wall, etc. but one day i screwed up and turned around, to a chorous of gasps. and then one of the more outgoing girls asked me what all the "scratches" on my back were from. in hindsight, i'm proud of myself for lyi
  5. oh. apparently i'm in serious need of a dictionary, or to just read more carefully.
  6. huh. ok. i just remember the commercials i've seen - they showed scars that were pruple/brown/red and for the after they were more normal colored, but i guess commercials for the product can't be entirely trusted because, of course, they'd only say good things about thier product. i don't have any pitted scars, but i'm curious: sulfur - you said to not use mederma if you have pitted scars, but then you said that it promotes the production of collagen, making scars flatter. Unless i'm being e
  7. probably. i really don't know what to call them. oh, would anyone know: i'm seriously thinking about going on accutane, and i'm wondering; if these are the only kinds of "scars" i have now, do you think i'll get actual scars (the pitted kind) after my accutane treatment, or do you think they'll just be more of the same discolorations?
  8. well, that's odd. I guess my derm's just weird then.
  9. thanks for the tips, yvette. well, it seems that the resounding consensus is to not get the piercing I'm willing to not get it, though the tough part is gonna be telling my friend that I'm not going to get it. We were both really psyched to get them done together, especially because there's a good piercing place literally five minutes from my college. That'd also mean that I'd have to tell her that I'd be on accutane. Originally, I was hoping to not tell anyone and just let it slide, not b
  10. ok thanks. so why are some people warned against it? the only reason i ask this is because when i was in gradeschool (maybe 7th grade) my mom was talking to the parent of an acquaintance of mine a year behind me (her acne was really bad - i heard she had FOUR rounds of accutane). well, i remember her mom tellking my mom that she couldn't wear any concealer, or use any hair products b/c it would really clog pores. i'm thinking that this warning was issued because it was a signifigant time a
  11. I've heard from some sources that it's not a good idea to wear makeup while on accutane because it clogs the pores and counteracts the treatment of the drug. but i've gotta say, whether my derm says so or not, i'd not be willing to go out without some form of concealer/foundation on. right now i'm looking at the powdery mineral makeup - is that good to use? will i be basically shooting myself in the foot if i wear makeup if i go on accutane?
  12. hey, thanks for the reply. what kind of improvements, comparing before you started to now?
  13. I just read an article on apple cider vinegar being used as a treatment for pseudo acne scars (I think i have that right - colored scars that aren't raised or pitted, right?) The method I've read is to use it on a cotton ball and rub/massage it into your skin for a minute or two every day. ...And I've got to admit that I'm a little skeptical b/c it sounds like an invalid "home remedy." I was just wondering if anyone on here has used apple cider vinegar for scarring like this and if it worked a
  14. bumping 'cause i'd really like to hear what other people think!