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  1. Since most people's diets change the first year in college, work on diet. You're not going to have friends by secluding yourself in your house. No one wants to be around someone that's reclusive and always depressed, I know *I* don't like being around miserable people. Don't get me wrong, if my friends are going through a tough time I'm always supportive though. I just think there's more to life than perfect skin, like being happy and enjoying the people I have around me. Then again this is
  2. Are you putting the Omega-3 on your face or eating this? I have flaxseed oil & hempseeds, I'm wondering if this would work? Just seems so greasy/oily.
  3. Sincere or not, any person that thinks their comment is going to present something new pisses me off due to their presumption. That being that they know more about the issue because they've seen a 5 minutes pro-active commercial than I do after 10 years and thousands of dollars of treatment. Whenever somebody "suggests" something to me, I feel that they must believe the myths about acne resulting from bad hygiene. What goes with bad hygiene? Laziness. After all, I must be lazy if my face lo
  4. Not sure about you, but I get mine I'm assuming because of constantly being on the phone(work) and hormones. Since I am female(not sure of your gender) this could be your answer if you are.
  5. rofl i would pay to see it in real life @@ & what is wrong with being asian? ......I guess whatever. I hate ignorance. Obviously nothing since I'm dating an Asian. And why are you attacking me? I'm not even the the person that said it. Pfft.
  6. rofl i would pay to see it in real life @@ LMFAO!!!!! That's so horrible but this had me in tears. To be a fly on the wall at that moment in time!!! I'm not racist BTW.
  7. Looks are NOT everything. That's straight-up BS. Maybe to the world, but not to God, and that's where it truly counts in the end. Everyone is beautiful in heaven. "Men judge by outward appearance, but I look at a man's thoughts and intentions." --God What a beautiful thing to say: JustAnotherOne
  8. I'm sure you have good intentions, but you're certainly not the first person to come in here & point out that there's far worse things people could be dealing with than acne. Honesty, it trivializes people's feelings. They come here to vent, to get the support, encouragement, & compassion they do not receive in real life.