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  1. Hey, so my skin was pretty good for the last couple of months, but one day i woke up with these little bumps all over my cheeks. They weren't red at first, but they got inflamed and now it's itchy af. I don't know why i got it but it started after my vacation where i was using a lot of sunscreen. What can i do to get rid of it? Any advice? Thank you
  2. Sooo this is my acne on my jawline and on cheeks, is it hormonal? I have never ever had acne like this, maybe like 3 zits in a month but this is crazy! But i think that this was caused by plan B pill which i took two months ago, i also developed some cysts on my cheeks and i dont really know if it will ever go away, I'm regretting taking the pill tbh
  3. Hello, so i had those weird nodules (or blind pimples, i dont really know lmao) on my cheeks and i wasn't picking them or poping them and they STILL left a purple mark! I dont understand! I thought, that the pimple will slowly disappear and there will be no mark left. Is there any chance of curing this? Or is it permanent?