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  1. I know their cleanser is non-comodegenic.
  2. Have anyone gotten more acne from Mary Kay products? What are your experiences with these products? I'm thinking about starting using their timewise cleanser, day and night solution, and moisturizer...
  3. I'm on the regimen and I currently use the neutrogena cleanser that Dan recommands. However, this cleanser does not remove make up. I was wondering what you guys use to remove the make up? Do you use a makeup-remover before you cleanse? in that case, any recommandations? Thanks...
  4. Go to "Acne and how you can cover up for men" on the top of this forum http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=18131
  5. Hi I also have mild acne, and of course scars. I recently tried Laura Mercier oil-free foundation (after having used almost every brand in drugstores and the more expensive brands in department stores), and I love it. You can have sheer coverage or a heavier, it depends on how much you apply. It costs about $ 38, but is so worth it. This brand also have a GREAT concealer to go with it, and I certainly recommand it. My skin has never looked so beautiful as when I'm using these products. Good Lu
  6. Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage is GREAT. A bit expensive, but worth the money.
  7. Hi, I was just wondering what kind of moisterizers you use under your make up. I'm currently using Dan's reommended neutrogena oil-free. But I'm not completely satisfied. I find it greasy and "difficult" to apply. Any other good moisterizers out there that you can recommand? Thanks
  8. I apply moisturizer severel times a day, I even bring it with me wherever I go to avoid dryness of my skin.
  9. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if any of you guys have tried Lancome's Color id? I'm currently looking for a new foundation and I was thinking of trying that one. It is supposed to oil-free and Non-Comedogenic. Also another question: What kind of moisturizer do you prefer? I'm not satisfied with neutrogena (my skin feels greasy), but i recently started on the regimen and don't want to change/experiment before I'm completely cleared. Please let me know...
  10. Hi I was wondering if BP causes the skin to age? I recently started the regimen and I would like to hear from some of you that have used it for a long time. Have you seen any signs of wrinkles and other types of aging since starting on the regimen? (I apply moisturizer several times during the day so the skin will not dry out, because that seems to me is causing aging). Please let me know...
  11. Hi I read somewhere that Estee Lauder is bad for your skin. Can anybody explain why. I have been using estee lauder equalizer foundation and have not noticed anything. I recently started on the regimen and therefore I will not use estee lauder from now on. Thanks, Enel