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  1. @Lacnez thanks a lot!, Its almost been a month now, I was clear after two weeks, haven't had any acne since then now i am fighting another battle of curing acne scars, i have started to think i will die of old age before i am able to fix my skin
  2. have had acne since i was 11 now im 20, iv also felt these feelings, my face is improving little by little and i have deep scars also. I am not sure if this is the right way to think but I think of acne as a temporary thing, it will go away inevitably some day, im just preparing myself for the life after it, (by doing this i'm always in a fighting mode but at least im not sad) getting my degrees, getting a six pack, learning new language. It is difficult i know, but if you get through this you w
  3. I think you should take a second course of accutane, and i think accutane does work on hormonal acne and sometimes you must understand acne is out of your control regardless of diet and exercise, but it will surely help you at least some. Don't worry most people's acne do get better
  4. I have mild acne but used to have severe acne. recently my doctor prescribed me accutane but the only problem is she is giving it in a much different way than that i have seen on the internet. Her plan is to give 20mg/day until i am clear and then give for a few more months. I am quite sure that it will work but i am very afraid that it will relapse to back to where i started (I am absolutely fine with having some acne once in a while). Iv been digging the internet for the past week, and i think
  5. thank you for saying that, I don't eat any processed sugar but i do eat fruits.
  6. I will surely try to do it better! ty
  7. @AcneVM thanks a lot for replying! Diet is very important but i have done all i can really in that department and it doesn't do anything for me. except eating vegan which i will like to try if i ever get to live in western europe or usa,( not possible here)
  8. @Benjamin94thanks a lot for replying!
  9. @Benjamin94 there is one more problem, doctors in my country (at least the ones i have met) dont give more than 40mg for 4 months, and that is the max but i have read on multiple sites that it needs to have a cumulative dosage of 120-140 mg x my body weight (75kg). what should i do? i don't want to take it without a doctor
  10. anyone?? if there is something wrong with the post let me know... il post again
  11. hi,

    i have i think boxcar scars and redness, i have acne and resness on my face and back some on chest and very rarely it comes on my ears,legs and hands.
    what should i do no one replies to my post, can i use acne.org kit? or Benzoyl peroxide should be avoided for me? and what to do for scars?
    iv had some laser but the results were not very good



    1. I used to have a lot of acne but now im left with some acne and lot of box car scars and redness, is the regime for me?
    2. hi, I am 20 years old i have had acne since i was 11, they started from my head and then filled my whole face , my mother(box car scars like me) and her family also have terrible skin, one i decided to fight back so i went to a dermatologist he told me to lose weight so i did lost 25kg eating clean and exercising but it didn't affect my acne. so i went to other dermatologist when i was about 17 he gave me low dosage accutane 10mg per day, i took for a long time it helped, i even got laser done f