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  1. I go tanning regularly and it doesn't pale my skin, though it makes it kinda more reddish but not a lot
  2. @jaybin2: no, i'm serious @war3pro: thanks a ton!!! you helped me a lot
  3. @EddieE: I am 17, so I don't think it went away because of my age I didn't have it bad, but I'm very estethic and it's just a good feeling not to have oily skin and touch your skin without feeling a bump or anything @leepinglizard: Yes you can, if you want to you can send me some pics and I can tell you what strength @HolisticJane: Thank you for the post. Well, 4 months is a little bit too long for me, but i ordered a TCA which I will use at 25% strength, I will keep posting and show you how i
  4. I just received an email, that I will get my peeling kit within the next week I sent her pictures and she said I should dilute it to 25% and it would be alright but I should do a test though I wanna do a peel on a little wrinkle from sitting on my stomach http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh203/g...nk/IMG017-1.jpg
  5. my acne is under control, I don't get pimples since about 2 months now, but you can still use bleaching products like hydroguine or something, just shouldn't use harsh peels, because that can inflame your existing pimples really bad. where do u get those 17% salyclic acids? I will look around today at walgreens and see what i can find...
  6. because i still have 2 red marks on my right cheek, i bought tca peel yesterday and it takes a couple of days to ship ^^ no, i'm just kiddin
  7. don't worry about irritating, it will stop you will never get dependend on BPO!!! That's wrong!
  8. go and see a cosmetitian or a dermatologist, they can open it and give you ointment to let it heal
  9. I like the drying of the sulfur mask a lot, because my skin used to be oily but thanks for the advice
  10. due to nobody answering. I found a page where I bought a whole kit with instructions and 50% TCA http://tcapeels.com/store/index.php?main_p...bd831fb92eedb89 I will probably dilute it to 20% first and try, though my skin is very tough I am going to post pictures and how I did it, how the kit looked like etc. hope I can help somebody else who has no idea but would like to do it, unlike somebody else on the board helped me... but hopefully somebody will respond and answer me questions like:
  11. thank you where can I get that stuff? Can someone help with the red marks on my right cheek?
  12. Yeah, the first one I got a little sun burn, but it isn't about the front, I don't have any red marks / scarring in front well, it's not bad but it's still annoying. you can only see it when you are really close, but the picture shows it pretty good, it's not worse or blurry someone's got any idea about tca peels??
  13. I take 3 pills a day, at each meal, they dont taste or smell funny^^