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  1. Raina!

    Um, Me!

    I don't have any pictures of how I looked when I had acne because I deleted them all. Hahah.
  2. Raina!


    your skin is fine.
  3. I was wondering if it would help control the oiliness of my skin? I have extremely oily skin.
  4. I have super oily skin and I need help finding a good mineral or powder foundation that can somewhat control it? What do you guys suggest?
  5. You Are A Very Pretty Girl.
  6. Whats so good about Duac and whats so good about Differin? Does either reduce the appearance of acne scars?
  7. Even with acne, you are attractive.
  8. Yeah, I have oily skin and Im Jamaican, so I have a darker skin tone. I need to find a POWDER foundation that works for oily skin and that lasts all day... I've tried everyday minerals and they dont have my skin color and it makes my skin oilier AND the foundation melted (?) off because of my oily skin. I'm kind of scared to try BareMinerals because it has bismuth in it and Im afraid to use MAC studiofix powder foundation because I heard it makes you break out. Is there a powder foundation that
  9. I have really oily skin. 2 hours after washing my, my skin feels greasy and disgusting and it feels likes im going to break out more because of my oily skin. Is their a moisturizer out their that would control my oily skin? I've used cetaphil and it doesnt work and right now I just purchased a moisturizer from Neutrogena. UGHHH help!!! Heres my skincare routine: Morning St. Ives apricot scrub Blemish and Blackhead Sea Breeze astringent Moisturizer byBoots Night St. Ives apricot scrub Blemish
  10. I use Duac in the morning and Tazorac at night. My bumps are slowly getting smaller and going away, but dark marks are left behind from the pimples. Will Duac and/or Tazorac get rid of the dark marks?
  11. hey, how long did the tazorac work for you?

    1. Raina!


      woah!!! youre skin has improved so much!!!!CONGRATS!!
    2. My doctor just prescribed Tazorac for my chin and the area below my cheeks. Ive been using it for about 3 weeks and all it's done is make me peel, turn red, it hurts and my skin is lighter in that area. Is Tazorac suppose to do that? I've stopped applying the Tazorac but can I still get my normal skin tone back in those areas? And how long would it take?
    3. You should do your regimen earlier. Skipping a step may cause you to breakout.
    4. i just got my Duac gel today and it had this SFC LOTION gentle soap free cleanser. Im afraid of trying it because i have school in a week and i dont want to use a new product that may cause me to breakout. Is it any good? does it help/improve your skin?
    5. use a different sponge each time you apply liquid make-up and clean your brushes so you wont have a build up of bacteria. and i think youre not using a great foundation, thats why you may look weird.
    6. I'm on the verge of saying goodbye to them too. They really screwed up in my book when it comes to this site switchover. They should have worked out the major bugs before going live. Anyway, I placed my order on 6/1, got an email saying it had shipped on 6/5 but it didn't actually ship until 6/9! I feel really ticked and misled. I got it in the mail today, 6/11 (paid for Priority mail, since there was no first class option when I ordered). I've sent numerous emails that have gone unanswere
    7. -Get smaller nose -Never to break out EVER AGAIN
    8. ugh im the same way. but im getting used to it.
    9. if the neutrogena didnt break you out, then use it.
    10. youre skin looks great here. try expecting the worse of your skin while youre on medication, because while i was on my meds. my skin got worse before it got better.
    11. I'm using it and it works but it leaving behind scars, like dents on my forehead.... is that suppose to happen?