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  1. Well I think the person wants to get a TAN, so the sunscreen isn't the issue.
  2. Don't listen to Dan; you won't break out because of the sun. Just make sure to put sun screen on.
  3. cheer up. At least the red marks are not permanent! I mean, It could be worse, they could be acne scars instead. They will go away by time.
  4. Did acne really precipitate marcsheep's (a member on this board) suicide? Or is that a lie?
  5. What is the best product to put on a pimple to prevent it from scarring or leaving a red mark? (besides NOT picking at it)
  6. You will burn if you do not dilute the vinegar. It was quite foolish of me to start with undiluted vinegar and now, for the next few days, I will paying the ramifications. You just have to be smart with the vinegar: start with 1/3 of acv and 2/3 water then slowly use less water. After 1 treatment I had like 40% improvement on my red mark!! If i would persist with this method my mark could be gone in 3 treatments! of course, it may take a little longer since i will be diluting the vinegar. I say
  7. diluted apple cider vinegar should greatly dimminsh the red marks within a week.
  8. I'm relatively in the same predicament except I was burned with undiluted apple cider vinegar. I burned myself yesterday; it's still currently red. I'm applying aloe vera gel and 1% hydrocortisone. It really sucks, man. All we can do is wait and let time do its job.But I would say, give it a few days to heal.
  9. Yeah, the vinegar method is very efficient on red marks. It's just so darn red around the skin surrounding the mark. I just bought hydrcortisone 1% to treat it and aloe vera gel.