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  1. wtf? makeup was not created for people with acne you know. you're acting like we have a patent on it. anyone can use it for whatever they want. chill out. You're missing the point. I don't have a problem with flawless skin peeps doing makeup tutorials, but after a while it gets frustrating because these videos are not that useful, since the majority of the population does not have flawless skin. Ditto on the acne-less "how to do makeup for acne" bit.
  2. I really hate initial reviews without a follow-up. It irks me how some people will open up a package, put the unwashed, unused brush on their face, and then express how "great" the brush is -- a big WTF moment for me. I don't mind hauls as much because sometimes they'll have something that I want to see upclose... but I H.A.T.E. so-titled "hauls" about a single EM sample kit. Sigh. I am an angry Youtuber.
  3. It depends what moisturizer you are using. I've been reading a lot of Paula Begoun's articles and sometimes the stability of the SPF depends on the formula and packaging in which it is contained. If you want to be sure, use a separate sunscreen or a moisturizer with a higher SPF included for additional protection. Also, sunscreen needs to be reapplied frequently and liberally to work effectively.
  4. After you start taking upper level psych classes, you'll think a lot of "paranormal" things are a bunch of hooie.
  5. I prefer really short hair. That is, if his hair goes beyond the base of his skull, 99.9% of the time, I think he needs a hair cut. Long hair on guys is one of my pet peeves. Very, very few men, IMO, can pull it off.
  6. I go to the middle route. I try to diminish the redness but never try to totally cover the pimple up.
  7. Clean & Clear Sensitive Foaming Facial Cleanser is a really good one. It's incredibly cheap and slightly more drying than Cetaphil, but removes makeup better. An alternative could be do purchase one of those packets of makeup remover sheets and then follow with a very mild cleanser. HTH .
  8. The Anti-chaffing Gel seems to be hard to find in the US, too. It appears that drugstores either don't carry (enough of) it or sell out of it quickly. The salespersons don't seem to know what the gel is anyway. What I did was to purchase it from online vendors--saved me time and money. HTH
  9. I've read that milky lotion can take off makeup. I used my facial moisturizer as a makeup remover once and it did a decent job. I prefer olive oil, though.
  10. I'm not sure if it's a myth. Some people say it works and others say it doesn't.
  11. I didn't do much for me either. Besides, a lot of toothpastes are scented with mint and give you that "tingly" sensation after you brush, and that probably means they will irritate your face .
  12. The above is a perfect example demonstrating the lack of scientific understanding that I had spoken about earlier. You say most cases of schizophrenia are "caused by parasites." However, if you actually read the abstract of Mortensen, et al. 's study, they admit: "Causal linking mechanisms are at present speculative but include possible direct effects of maternal IgG on the developing central nervous system (CNS) of the offspring." (emphasis added) Researchers, including Mortensen, et al., a