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  1. Ok, heres the deal. Ive tried almost everything excluding accutane. Im on DIM right now, and it has been going well. That aside, my acne is still complete shit. Or should I say, Was. Yes, some red marks are here. And by "some" I mean many. But then why am I so enthused? Becuase, with the introduction of Lemons into my regime, it has been getting clearer and clearer....in just two days!!! MY LEMON REGIME Using 'Realemon' brand (100% lemon juice) 3 tablespoons of lemon juice with some water (a
  2. Im on day 5 of Natures Way DIM Plus. Two caps at morning and night And 1,000mg Taurine with each dosage. As of now, only two new pimples (as opposed to many). The inflammation has also gone down significatly. Some parts (lower cheeks, chin) have gotten almost clear. Upper cheek is still bad, but getting better. Im also on Omega 3 and Doxy, but as of now, DIM has been the best.
  3. It blocks DHT so it actually helps prevent hair loss. I'd be carefull taking DIM if I was you because your still growing (at 16) and I don't know if it does anything long term in growing people. Ok thanks, and I'll look into it more, but as of now, I dont see any harm of a short term use. Once my acne is under some control, I'll lower the dosages.
  4. Im 16, male, and have shitty acne. I started this two days ago, and my face is looking a bit better. All forming pimples have stopped, and my skin is a bit better. Im taking two pills, morning and night of the Natures Way DIM Plus, making a total of 4 pills, 200mg daily. Im also taking 1000mg of Taurine morning/night. Ive been a bit tired but nothing major. QUESTION Will the use of DIM lead to Baldness? I know it increases free form Test., which is a cause of baldness. Im hoping to only use this
  5. Most of the time they do, but if it is truly horrible then maybe see your derm. The initial should last3 maybe a week or two, and hopefully you'll see results in less than two months. be patient tho, its dif for everybody
  6. Ok, Im starting a doxy treatment with 2 pills a day (each 100mg) and my dr said I should give em a try for about 2 months. Normally Im against antibiotics, but taurine, vitamins and countless other things have not helped. Now, Im willing to give this a try, but am worried once I get off of it (I will not be on it more than a year, I refuse) that it will come back worse. My parents tell me that once the doxy takes effect and clears up a lot of the acne, it will be easier to manage once the doxy i
  7. Im really worried that eventually, my acne will come back with a vengeance. Are these good for clearing up bad acne, and then taking care of it from scratch, so to say?
  8. Lots of times I just shave and my white heads go away. Of course, Im not sure if this is the best or not, but I need to shave lol
  9. Ive tried everything else, so I may have to try this. I really do not want an antibiotic
  10. Tuarine has not worked for me really, but Im gonna stay on it for another two months (totaling 3) and hope for the best.
  11. Ive been on the taurine (1,500 mgs a day) for about a month and a half, including a multivitamin. No real changes I dont know what else to do
  12. QUESTION! I just started taking Taurine pills (the clear capsuls with powder) and in each pill is 500mg of Taurine and also 10mg of B6. I take one in the morning and one at night, resulting in 1,000mg of Taurine and 20mg of vitamin B6. Does this sound like a good amount? Im 16, and I know Taurine wont be harmful in this amount, but my questions come from whether or not the B6 is ok. Thanks