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  1. any progress on your enlarged pores?

    1. Why's that? Is it like horrid stuff? Derm adviced me to use it
    2. Okay, so I've been product free for a good 4 months (more or less). That means no soap, no nothing applied to my skin. I just take a shower, use a washcloth a few times a week and I'm done. no fuss. easy. My skin cleared up and felt amazing. So fast forward. The other day, I went to see a derm and told me i should start re-using cetaphil on my face because i admittedly i had tiny little whiteheads that you don't see unless you scrutinize my face. Microcomedones. Anyway, so I been using cetaph
    3. that's acne. trust me on this one, i had this a year ago. then i went crazy and paranoid about it. i made it a million times worse thanks to my paranoia which led to cystic acne. thank goodness it subsided, after a year, and going through hell and derms etc. and now i pretty much dont do anything with my skin. I still have non inlamed acne, but damn, i've learned my lesson. I'm just letting it be, it's not so bad. i suppose you learn that when you get full blown cystic acne. you just get you
    4. i havent been using any products on my skin for a few months now and i must say, my skin has never been better since the acne started.
    5. So there were these clogged pores on my forehead, they weren't even bad to start with they were just there same color as my skin. But stupid little me just had to squeeze them! UGH. and now they're really red. God, why dont i ever learn! any way to lessen redness and make skin heal faster? thanks guys
    6. I run once or twice a week. I love how it feels!! I dunno if it makes my acne worse or better, but just the way it makes me feel while and after the activity keeps me going. I've been doing this weekly for the past year and a half. At first it's something you 'do' but after a while i so get used to it and has been a part of my routine. A week doesnt feel complete when i don't run. Try it out, put on your favorite music, I'm sure it'll make you feel good. Just make sure if youre starting out t
    7. if you wouldn't have talked about it then i wouldn't even have noticed it. You look good. Be confident! Confidence would overshadow the imperfections.
    8. Try not using soap. I havent used soap for about 2 weeks now and damn i wish i tried it out before. I discovered this was the cause of my horribly dry skin, that horrible feeling and crepe paper like texture. my skin has improved SO much now. I don't have to put lotion constantly. I still wash my face with cetaphil very gently but dont use any soap on my body now. I just scrub with a washcloth. that's it. Never been better.
    9. oh wow that sounds like me. Acne, skinny, and dry lips. same boat indeed. and im attractive to insects and im the only one getting bitten and they take forever to heal.
    10. for anyone who's had experience with protein shakes... im planning to try it out because im stick thin and im looking to somehow increase my muscle mass a tad bit. I'm naturally skinny, whatever i eat, i am just skinny. Anyway, I need to gain a bit (not fat) but i want some muscle and i wonder if protein shakes would do a tad bit in increasing my body mass. And on an unrelated note, will it do anything for my acne? worse? Thanks guys
    11. Just dont do anything. That's natural. She extracted stuff from your skin, so she probably did some pricking. thats just your skin healing! Don't be paranoid. I've had these things done bfore numerous times and they will go in a few days. The scabs would just fall off by themselves. I say this because if you go overboard doing something about it or so at least thats how one may think, you can actually make things worse by creating new comedones etc. Just let your body heal for the meantime it'
    12. Mans


      Okay, so I've been reading about MSM and did research online and i finally bought a bottle of MSM capsules @ 1 gram per capsule. I wanted to start taking MSM because of the allergies i've been having - sneezing, trouble breathing, and skin irritation it's just sooo annoying. I am sooo allergic to dust / dust mites, and insect bites just wreaks havoc on my skin because i react pretty badly to them. In our house, i am the only one getting these bites whilst my brother who sleeps in the same room
    13. Don't do too much. Just be gentle. Same thing happened to me Last year. I suddenly broke out again after breaking out briefly when i was in 7th grade. Then had perfect skin ever since. I suppose its the hormones youll never know. I couldnt explain it any other way. The derm said the same thing. Anyway, just don't freak out. Dont make the same mistake i did. Eventually the acne went away, i Literally made it 10x worse because i did so much stuff to get rid of it. If i just left it alone when i
    14. Mans


      Its been a long time since my last update. So its been 3 months since i started. Results ? Definitely. Though im not completely clear yet, as i still have these little bumps that dont really bother me that much. I rarely have huge painful ones now. I am guilty of popping whiteheads though and i should quit doing so because i always end up making it look worse. My skin feels soft and definitely a lot smoother than when i started! And the marks are fading as well. I'm quite pleased. Anyway, I am