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  1. First of all, welcome! I joined last night and I'm hooked to this website...SO MUCH useful information about real people dealing with this issue. LIke you, I'm not a big fan of dermatologists. They have textbook view of acne, in my opinion, and try to treat it without thinking outside the box. I'd say you have moderate acne. Scarring seems to be an issue, am I right? I have the same problem. The zits go away quickly but the redness and blotchiness lingers. I'm sure there are people who'v
  2. I started using proactiv again after 5 years and it's making my skin worse. Been about 3 months now so I'm going to my doc and it's back on BCP. What's strange is that proactiv worked for me years ago and now it doesn't. It's most likely the hormones, but I don't think the BP is effective enough. Am I wrong? Sucks that proactiv didn't work for you....happens to a lot of people it seems.
  3. Hi there! I came across your postings and we sound a lot alike. I turn 29 this year and I truly understand what you're going through. I thought I was past this, but alas, acne knows no bounds. I was on BCP at 17 b/c of my skin and then found ProActiv. I used it religiously for 3 years and slowly tapered off to "regular" skin care products. I was fine until earlier this year when I went of BCP. I picked up ProActiv again but this time it's not working. I truly believe it's my cessation of
  4. Thanks for the info. My mom uses glycerin soap. I tried it once and it left me super dry and tight - felt like saran wrap on my face. If sulfur soap is anything like glycerin soap, I think I'll stay away. But I'm glad it works for you!
  5. It may be my shampoo...I do have a bad habit of trying new ones every couple weeks. What can I say? I'm a haircare freak. But I do my facial/ body washing after the shampoo, so wouldn't it wash everything away? Sulfur....how do you like the soap? Does it try your skin out horribly? Also, do you use a different lotion on your face than on your body? Thanks!
  6. Day 1 After scouring the message boards for ideas, I will hit my local drugstore tomorrow and comparison shop. Seems Dan's gel is the biggest bang for the buck but I may get something to hold me over while it ships. My OLD regimen Morning -ProActiv facial cleanser (exfoliating) -ProActiv toner -ProActiv Daily Oil Control -ProActiv Repairing Lotion -ProActiv Daily Oil-Free Moisurizer w/ sunscreen Note: The ProActiv has 2.5% BP in the face wash AND the repairing lotion so not sure if that is
  7. I've been searching the boards for specifics on neck acne. (The ideas on bacne are awesome, btw), but I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with this sensitive area? Background - female, 28 years old, acne started around 13 and was on Accutane at 17 for about 2 months before I got so severely depressed my mom took me off of it. Entered late teens and mom got me ProActiv which I used religiously for 3 years. I was also on birth control at 17 to help control the hormonal i
  8. BigPore LOL - thanks for the chuckle. I needed a good laugh tonight. I get "dudes" on occasion, usually after I've worked out and not showered right away. They do hurt like a you-know-what. And I can honestly say I do feel an awesome release popping one (even though that's a no-no).
  9. Hi all, I'm new to this site and I'm so glad someone put this together. I'm so sick of doctors telling me to slather on this cream or take some pill. They get some textbook verion on how to treat acne and most people will agree that everyone's skin is different. I found this thread doing a search for ProActiv. I went back on it a few months ago and my skin has gotten progressively worse. What's even more strange is that I used it about 5 years ago and it cleared me up immediately. The onl