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  1. hey i am on day 100 now too, at 80 mgs a day. things are great for me i have had only like 3-4 pimples since day 60 and no cysts. now i have no pimples at all skin is not oily and scars are healing nice. i am on a 6 month course. i just wanted to say about the weed not sure how the hormone levels work for females as compared to males, but i used to smoke daily and continue to do so. i always thought my acne was from weed. but obviously not since i am looking better each day and i still smo
  2. Day 80 sorry i haven't been keeping everyone up to date. Its been a little more then 2 weeks since my last post. I am on 80mgs a day now but i am now taking a combo of Roaccutane and some other generic isotretinoin 40mgs roaccutane and 40mgs the generic isotretinoin in two doses daily, i take one roaccutane with one generic for breakfast and again for dinner. I don't really like the new generic isotretinoin it comes in tablet form not capsule like roaccutane. Also i know that roaccutane
  3. day 62 wow 2 months done. and my skin is looking really good now. its like miraculously my skin got better on day 60. i have only 2 pimples one is tiny and the other is left over from last week but i refuse to touch it. i am on 80mgs a day now lips are really sore and dry all the time also my skin is healing so slow. got a small burn on my hand from a hot pan and it is really red and crusting for days. so i guess i have 3 or 4 months left my derm didn't say how long i would be on. so
  4. Day 55 Ok so its been a good week for my skin. Only 4 actives on my face and cysts are all pretty much gone now. Skin looks dare i say....good? hopefully skin continues to get better. from the other logs i have read the beginning of the 3rd month is when most people began to see results. I am at least glad i have been oil free for 45 days. So nice to not be shiny when talking to someone. No new sides to report of and just going along in my course.
  5. Day 52 So not much new to report same as usual with the side effects. I have only one active cyst and 4-5 pimples. Only thing is i notice now the for some reason my skin always looks best the day after shaving. maybe something with the aloe in my shaving cream? kind of disappointed the i am still getting new actives. I thought i would have been done with new pimples by this point since my acne was only moderate to mild. and because accutane dried my face out from being an oil slick in ab
  6. I can understand how you feel. I am on day 51 and after my IB in the first two weeks its been like clear a little then 4-5 new actives back and forth even though my oil has been gone since around day 10. i hope its not like this all the way through, my acne was mild to moderate the IB made it cystic most are gone but have 1 -2 cysts left. Even though now i am less oily but still getting actives and skin heals real slow. I just look at all the success pictures and can't believe that it coul
  7. day 45 So its been 45 days so far and 15 days at 60mgs. lips are always dry but aquaphor helps if i remember to use it. i still have some acne but i am definately seeing an improvement. skin heals slow if i pick at my pimples i wind up making the area red and sensitive got to stop picking. nothing else really to report with skin except sun sensitive
  8. not sure if it increases strength but i do know since accutane dries out pretty much your entire body your joints lose fluid when on it or retain less then they normally would so i heard lifting heavy weights might put you at higher risk of injury. I am 26 and have been lifting 3 - 5 times a week for 6 years now. since i am on tane i dont want to risk anything so i stopped using weights and just do cardio now.
  9. hey just seeing how your log is going. i am on day 40 myself and now am on 60 mgs a daay even though i still feel it is a low dose. i am 6'4' 225 lbs and get the same dose as you. never tried using vaseline up the nose but i am noticing more dry nose and some nosebleeds.
  10. Day 39 Ok so continuing to go along well. only a few actives and they are small and non cystic. i do have a few cysts behind my ears but you can't see them so they don't bother me. I had a nose bleed during the day today but it stopped bleeding fast. Also i have been in the sun a bit more lately just walking outside for 10 - 15 minutes and i notice the sun makes me red a bit like a tiny sunburn after only like 15 minutes of walking in the sun in the afternoon.
  11. day 36 skin looks much better cysts have all died and now just scars that fade more each day only have 3 - 4 actives but they are small and come to heads fast. Skin feels and looks better each day i am on 60mgs now for my second month. only sides are dehydration and dry lips but just need to drink more water and use aquaphor before bed.
  12. day 28 Havent posted in a while not much new. skin is dryer then before i don't need to blot any oil off. My lips are really dry must use aquaphor or they crack. my cysts on the sides of my face all have gone but now i have one on my left cheek near my nose. In general i am less oily, less acne, more cysts then before though, dry lips, skin is more sensitive, and face gets red marks. i am low dose only 40 mg and i weigh 225lbs i hope when i see my derm i get bumped to 60mg
  13. i heard that dairy thing too but i thought it was any dairy not just milk or milk fat or dairy fat. i take protein shakes made from whey and sometimes i take shakes made of casein both come from dairy and i was told to cut back. wondering is peanut butter good to take accutane with and flaxseed meal?
  14. ok so i am starting to feel a little sick and think i am catching a cold. it was randomly like 40 degrees the other day when its been 60-70 for a few weeks now. What i really want to know is can i take nyquil while on accutane? It has acetomenophin (tylenol) in it and i know thats not good for the liver. Can i take ibuprofen (advil)?
  15. i broke out on my face on day 14 after getting a lot less oily and initially starting to clear up. Still less oily but getting new pimples and still healing from the breakout