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  1. I've been using BP for around 4 years now. I've had my ups and downs with it, as I assume most others have. Some weeks I love the way my skin looks, and then some weeks I break out horribly. I'm at the point where you can say I have mild acne, nothing serious really. So what is Differin? To a mild acne sufferer what will it do? What should I do while on it? All these questions popped up in my mind after I saw the doctor, not during and I feel like an ass for it. The derm did tell me to not use
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  3. Give up hot showers! I love my long hot showers!!! I have mild acne, sometimes I get a really bad breakout on my nose, on and around my T zone as well. I've been on the regimen for over 3 years now and it's helped a lot but it hasn't kept me clear. The most it does is keep the bad bad breakouts at bay. Sometimes I use the BP to cover up red marks as well which works quite well and helps even out my skin tone. I just don't know what to do... I'm finally going to see a dermatologist on the 19th
  4. thanks dear. you're sweet

  5. One of the prettiest girls I have ever laid eyes on....

  6. Hmm, I missed everything. I haven't been swimming since I was 15 (Currently going on 25), lost many girlfriends, am afraid to work or have a steady social life because you never know when you're gonna break out and have sores all over your face. So yea, when I don't have acne I'm a good looking, normal 24 year old with social issues. When I do I never pick up my phone. I've never seen a dermatologist... how much do you think a session would cost? I'm 1/4th dead here and I still don't have a li
  7. Hmm, I take really long, hot showers. I've said it so many times I'm surprised I havent heard anyone tell me not to. It may be a factor, but who knows with me. My acne goes up and down, one week I'll have really clear skin, the next I'll have a mild breakout, then clear... then breakout. Damn this vicious cycle...
  8. Hmm, week 1. I see mild improvement. I'm still getting some red spots, but this diet + BP is working. I hope it's just not a good couple of days. My old marks are fading faster than new marks can sprout up, does this mean my body is getting rid of the bad stuff? My pores are getting smaller as well, which is something new... Just thought I'd give everyone an update! P.S. I cheated last night, I had a Wawa chicken sub last night. Well, it was just cheese, chicken and wheat bread. I know, it's
  9. No, I will be adding meats and such. The yogurt I have has no added sugar, it's just a tub of yogurt, I got it to put the berries in. Unfortunately my mother, being a mom, said I can use splenda and crap and just threw it in. So no artificial sweeteners, got it. I can get my sugar from the berries and apples, oh and pineapples right? The rice cakes I bought were in the health food section, which is amazingly huge at the store I go to. Yes grapes, havent you seen the commercial "Got any gwapes? G
  10. Alright, so this is what I got at the supermarket: Mixed Berries Head of Lettuce Cucumber Coconut Oil Wheat Thins Water Yogurt (Low Fat) Rice Cakes Gwapes (Got Any?) Diet Green Tea Carrots So is that a good start? I'm hoping it is because THAT I can live off of, plus a multi-vitamin which I have. Also, can I use an artificial sweetener or splenda? Also, what kind of meat is good on this diet? Thanks for your help!
  11. I've been researching this diet for the past two days and I have to say, it's like hell on earth to a 22 year old who eat's nothing but junk food. I mean, I just quit smoking, and I've been having no nicotine cravings really so I'm pretty sure I can do this. One thing though is I get REALLY hungry, like I'm still in growth spirts or something, so I'd like to know what kind of foods I can just binge out on this diet. I'm pretty skinny (6'0" - 165 Pounds), so my metabolism is fairly high. Anything
  12. Alright, after much procrastination I'm cutting out bread and a lot of sugar for 2 weeks to see what happens. I just ate a cucumber salad, but I'm so jumpy as to what I can eat that I never thought to ask if salad dressing is ok? It's all the light/fat free italian and ranch dressing. I'm actually probably gonna live on salad for the next 2 weeks, well that and some sort of meat (suggestions?) and it would really be great to know if salad dressing is an ok choice. Thanks for your help!
  13. Definitely a lot of sugar. I'll be totally fine but when I have a pack of M&M's or hell, even a candy bar I'll wake up the next morning with atleast one new red mark, be it small or not. Like last night, I got a little carried away eating well.... everything in the house and this included 2 packs of yodles, guess what I have on the side of my face today?
  14. Now I'm even more depressed... I'll never outrun the acne monster!