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  1. is that a real opinion or a sympathetic opinion?
  2. i had the same issue as you brother . i would say to get rid of your acne that overall damages your skin . you need to heal your gut . this is very well known fact that your gut is where all diseases come from. including acne (acne is technically a skin disease but its normal) you need to figure out how to change your stomach bacteria flora and stop using harsh products on your skin because this can also damage your natural skin flora (bacteria) on your face . if i were you i would only go to a
  3. to me personally on a scale from 1-10 , a 1 . no its not as bad as you think . would you ever focus on the smallest little bump on someones face? i wouldn’t , the red marks go away over time and those are so faded it’s literally nothing to worry about! im pretty sure you get that a lot since you added it onto the post
  4. hey guys i was wondering if you guys could tell me how bad these were . im not too sure whether they’re bad or not , but be mean if you have to. id really appreciate it !! thanks. edit : can more people comment im kinda curious
  5. you mind showing me this scar ? and i think its best not to worry about it , unless its causing pain emotionally or physically
  6. Hey i have some acne scars and i was wondering if anyone could take their time and give me their honest opinion on how it looks, if you can i would appreciate a scale from 1-10 and maybe treatments i can do to get rid of it , i will be posting pics as soon as i get responses . Thanks! edit: this is the picture
  7. i have some on my neck , im really self concious about it but yours dont look bad so its making me feel better
  8. hey , if you want we can talk about this on some other platform ? i’ve also gone through acne fulminans and was thinking we could talk about it .
  9. please reply back to me , maybe we can exchange info and have a conversation about it , bc around the same time you had it , i got it also .
  10. yeah but honestly the whole post was mostly me trying to figure out how bad my acne scars were . my least concern is the acne bc well like i said i have a derm for that
  11. no i haven’t im currently taking medication from the dermatologist on that but they left a lot of hyperpigmentation red marks
  12. Okay so i was just wondering if you guys could give me your input on how bad by acne scars really are .on a scale from 1-10 would be preferred (1 being super mild acne scarring and 10 being severe acne scarring that should be lazered off ASAP) also i am aware about my acne that is still going on but im more worried about how the scarring looks at the moment
  13. what happened? is there anyway to contact me ? i need help bc i’m currently going through this .
  14. update: apperantly its folliculitis from a gram negative bacteria, i have taken antibiotics in the past but i stopped becasue i felt like it wasnt good for me , it was for acne but the thing is i dont think its coming from bacteria in the nasal area , mostly because i dont have anything around my mouth or nose and only on my cheeks and under my jaw ,they have started clearing up from antibiotics and predinsone (sorry for misspelling) but the thing is ive heard that it wont heal it but suppress i
  15. so maybe like two weeks ago i applied benzoyl peroxide 10% to my cheeks and under my jaw ,at first i thought it was working on my mild acne i had maybe like 5 zits on my face ,i also had a bunch of little bumbs ,i stopped using it because i noticed it made me break out and two weeks later i have pustules and whiteheads all over my face and it seems to get worse everyday ,i dont know what to do,someone please help me !has this happened to anyone else?