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  1. update: apperantly its folliculitis from a gram negative bacteria, i have taken antibiotics in the past but i stopped becasue i felt like it wasnt good for me , it was for acne but the thing is i dont think its coming from bacteria in the nasal area , mostly because i dont have anything around my mouth or nose and only on my cheeks and under my jaw ,they have started clearing up from antibiotics and predinsone (sorry for misspelling) but the thing is ive heard that it wont heal it but suppress i
  2. so maybe like two weeks ago i applied benzoyl peroxide 10% to my cheeks and under my jaw ,at first i thought it was working on my mild acne i had maybe like 5 zits on my face ,i also had a bunch of little bumbs ,i stopped using it because i noticed it made me break out and two weeks later i have pustules and whiteheads all over my face and it seems to get worse everyday ,i dont know what to do,someone please help me !has this happened to anyone else?