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  1. I babysit, and I've had few kids going like "woahhh! what are those red things all over your face" hehe I just say allergies because then I have to explain to them that one day they will most likely have that too... would be mean to tell them that lol

    Sometimes I just let their comment pass by, but sometimes when I am so self conscious about my skin, it kinda hurts my feelings knowing that that is the first thing people notice when they see you... :(

  2. good luck ! i tried all of that but nothing worked for me..

    right now accutane is making my skin look better, all i have left is red scars from past break outs, but i havent break out for already 2 months!!

    but all the organisms have different reactions, i hope ur skin reacts well towards ur new regimen!!!

  3. go on with accutane... its gets a little worst at the begining but u will see great results later on!

    i know its hard to wait few months because we all want to see our face cleared in a second, unfortunately it requires time.

    im also sure those thoughts arent because of accutane, but because of the acne.

    dont lose hope!!! im sure in a few months u will be glad u went through the tane... u will be happy

    right now all i have is the red scars from the past breakouts , but they will eventually fade...

    <3 take care

    and remember that beauty will fade, but a beautiful soul will last forever.

  4. well i started the treatment because a family member told me how it worked for one of her friends, i got pretty excited because i thought that would be my cure !!! but u know many people have tried so many things that work, that doesnt work in other people... i didnt notice any change, it just got even more oily, and more break outs were coming out...

    i was losing hope, so i decided to start accutane in a minimun dossage because my liver rates were really high... and so far my skin is clean and smooth, and the red scars are fading over time, i havent had any side effects, just at the begining a little muscle pain but now i dont feel anything... but as i said before some ppl tried accutane and it didnt work for them, however we all have different organisms and reactions toward treatments.

    im glad the u.t is working for u !!!

    for my red scars i put honey with about 5 drops of lemon on my face... i heard it works... and i havent had any break out for 2 months already.. and as i said already scars are fading :)

  5. i believe once u stop accutane it doesnt mean you are completely over with acne, so dont start eating or putting stuff on your face that will make your skin break out again... take care of your face like u never had acne, because later on u might start developing the oil once again...

    mayb the urine therapy works for certain people.. it didnt work for me... i never found it disgusting, always new urine was helpful for a lot of illnesses, plus its our own urine...

    good luck to all of u !!!


  6. Does anyone know of a good concealer that doesn't contain pore clogging ingredients? I typically use Maybelline concealer cover stick and Physician's Formula loose mineral powder. In looking at the ingredients of my concealer on zerozits.com, I was suprised at the pore clogging ingredients it contains. Many other Physician's Formula concealers contain pore clogging ingredients as well. It's so frustrating that many makeup brands don't list their ingredients on their website. Please help me!
  7. Hi !! i read about urine therapy around 5 days ago. and tried it the same day. today my face is not completely clean, but its getting better. and i still have a lot of redness but not as much as before. my right side is cleaning up i have few pimples but they are going away. my left side is bad since it used to have a lot of pimples. but my clean skin looks great and i hope all my face will look like it soon !! :) i have to raise my self steem and im 110% sure clean skin will solve this. :dance:

  8. i just started urine therapy =]. i feel really weird but i hope its all for the best =]. my face has a lot of break outs and my self steem is on the floor. =[ ive tried everything, proactive, clinique acne solutions, benzaclin, and some pills the dermatologist gave me (it wasnt accutane) if this doesnt give me any improvements in a week or 2 im goin to start accutane =]