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Status Updates posted by LauritaC

  1. Haven't been on this site since my skin cleared up a bit... two accutane attempts, one liver biopsy, several treatments to see what the heck is causing my acne.... Recently started birth control because I have been told it's most likely a hormonal unbalance... Cut shellfish to see if it may be an allergic reaction towards it.... So many things I've done/tried, still faithful it will go away... :(

  2. yea i understand.. i was a little bit nervous at the begining... it took a lot of time for me to start accutane cuz of my lives problems, now im on a minimun dosage(20mg) and so far its working good... not too many side effects =] just a little dryness and muscle aches... try it!!! u wont regret it!!!

  3. Happy birthday !!! thanks for the photo comment !!! enjoy ur day =] u are beautiful!!!